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  1. ivyska

    Legal Studies Yr 11 Syllabus Notes (Complete) (W/ some essay outlines)

    Topics covered in the notes: Part 1, the Legal System Part 2, Law Reform - Native Titles - Young Drivers Part 3 Law in Practise Misuse of Technology, image based abuse and Internet Fraud. Case Study; Lindt Cafe Siege Case Study; Children and Young People. Most of the case studies are covered in...
  2. ivyska

    year 9 SRP ideas?

    Some of the interesting ones at my school were testing the 'areodynamicness' of bottle rockets, measuring the DNA in certain types of flowers ie, more complex flowers, more DNA (it was some weird straining method but if you're really interested), testing different types of packaging for the most...
  3. ivyska

    Should I drop extension english 1?

    Hello! I'm currently doing Maths Adv, English Ext 1, SOR2, Legal Studies, Biology and Modern. I'm trying to decide if I should drop the extension and just do advanced English. For context, originally I never wanted to do extension English, but my year 9 English teacher persuaded me to try and I...