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  1. brent012

    Transferring requirements from UTS Business--->UNSW Commerce

    Economics at UTS works a bit differently to how it does at UNSW, from my understanding UNSW has a microeconomics/macroeconomics split while UTS has Economics For Business 1 (core) and Economics For Business 2 (eco major or elective) which both cover a bit of micro and macro. That makes...
  2. brent012

    2020-HSC chat

    Best way to make a section active is to post in them :P I recall in 2011 (well, almost always) the SDD section was pretty dead, but around and during the HSC it became pretty active because a few people started making/posting in threads and then others would join in.
  3. brent012

    need help with majors

    There's only so many "programming" subjects you can do without repetition/being better off self studying and it's not really the goal of universities to provide you with a diverse range of experience with different platforms/techstacks as the core part of a course. So after a few intro...
  4. brent012

    Textiles MTP price

    I've definitely heard of expensive wood work major projects (admittedly, in the hundreds rather than "thousands" though). I didn't study textiles or DT, so can't give any further info on costing. If you can, it'd be worth reaching out to graduates from your school that performed well to get...
  5. brent012

    Australian Fires 2019/2020

    According to twitter, the image they used was a photoshoped stock image of a Polish soldier. Also apparently breached some convention by using the ADF in a party political ad.
  6. brent012

    Am I dumb or is this true? HSC getting harder and harder each year.

    I'm not familiar with the current topics/setup, but there always used to a cycle for the area of study questions. The first year had a straight forward question and usually requested one or more related texts, the final year would have harder and unpredictable questions and generally request two...
  7. brent012

    Cherrybrook Technology High School become selective?

    Buying a house in Baulkham Hills won't get you a place in BHHS, it's fully selective. CTHS would just be one (small) factor in Cherrybrook house prices. Some parents in Cherrybrook also send their kids to private or selective schools.
  8. brent012

    Just curious..pt 2?

    As for IELTS or GCSE, IELTS is an English test for international students. It's not going to help with the HSC! (unless you are taking EAL/D perhaps, but still IELTS is about language proficiency and EAL/D is about studying texts) GCSE is once again different, i've never seen any of the...
  9. brent012

    Cherrybrook Technology High School become selective?

    Baulkham Hills is selective and one of the more competitive schools to get a place in, I would expect most parents sending their kids to Cherrybrook instead of BHHS would be doing so because the kids didn't make it into BHHS (whether they didn't get the marks, or didn't take the test). A...
  10. brent012

    Just curious..pt 2?

    As with maths, they are different. I haven't seen AP Chemistry, but I have seen the AP Physics material and it was much closer to the material covered in an algebra (or calculus, depending on which version) based first year university physics course that you might take as part of an engineering...
  11. brent012

    Actuarial Studies: Macquarie vs UNSW?

    I'd have to agree, people would usually pick MQ for actuarial even without a scholarship on offer - so I think the scholarship makes it an easier choice! But is the Comp Sci or Data Science double out of interest/as a backup, or is it something you are seriously considering pursuing? If you're...
  12. brent012

    Cherrybrook Technology High School become selective?

    Schools don't just suddenly get turned into selective because they perform well, so agree with the above unless there is some whispers to the contrary. With the metro and growth in the North-West, I think the schools in the area will probably have their hands full without needing to attract out...
  13. brent012

    Macquarie B.Comm/Arts + Scholarship or USYD Comm/Adv Studies?

    It's still a valid point though, does minimise the benefits. If the USyd course is 4 rather than 5 years, you might be financially better off by getting employed a year earlier. If you consider the income, super (+ extra year of compounding) and value of a years experience it'd definitely be a...
  14. brent012

    Best English tuition?

    I'd look around for private tutors, given the recent dramas there might be a few ex-Delta tutors around or similarly qualified individuals staying away from tutoring centres. From what i've gathered in other threads, it seems Delta have specialised tutors for given schools. Those tutors can...
  15. brent012

    Macquarie B.Comm/Arts + Scholarship or USYD Comm/Adv Studies?

    But wasn't it a 5k pa scholarship? That would mean the MQ cost would be 5 * (9-5) = 20k, so they'd be 16k ahead at MQ.
  16. brent012

    Bridging courses

    You'll probably be fine with the readiness survey assuming that the practice is a good representation, but as Drongoski said it's probably still a good idea to look into the relevant 3U topics.
  17. brent012

    Bridging courses

    I don't know how you add it to your study plan, I just know that as it's not a core/major subject it would take the place of an elective. There should be more info on the website for the readiness survey. If you can't find how to add it, then I'd suggest enrolling in and picking a good time...
  18. brent012

    am i too dumb for chemistry?

    If you are considering pharmacy, i'd recommend chemistry. That will cover the assumed knowledge/prereqs you need, and help get over your fear of prac assessments. It was the same at my school iirc, either 1 or 2 and the weighting wasn't too high. We had to redo a practical we'd done earlier...
  19. brent012


    Another alternative is a TAFE diploma before staring the bachelor degree, it's cheaper that way but you won't get as much credit as at Insearch/WSU College (where you would do courses equivalent to the ones at the respective uni which will be recognised)
  20. brent012

    Bridging courses

    Not sure, it seems to say on the site that it is compulsory. I imagine it's useful for UTS/the maths study centre to guage the level of maths of all students starting in courses that require a decent level of maths. But if you don't mind having to do foundation maths, then the result of the...