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    Transferring with such shocking marks?

    Alrighty, got an atar of low 70's in 2013. First year student here at UTS. Failed 2 of my subject in my first semester (other 2 were mid credits) and failed 1 in my second semester (other 3 are mid passes). Currently doing bachelor of mathematics and computing however, i want to transfer to...
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    UTS transferring

    Alrighty, got an atar of mid 70's in 2013. First year student here at UTS. Failed 2 of my subject in my first semester (other 2 were mid credits) and failed 1 in my second (other 3 are passes). Current GPA excluding this semester, 1.5/4. That's a pass average mind you. Currently doing B...
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    Omg help!

    Hey guys! Supposedly if I'm in my first year of uni studying science at uts and say I wanted to transfer from my degree to business, would it be possible to transfer in semester 2? Considering that I didn't get the required atar for business? Would my atar be used or my uni credentials?
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    Engineering with low 70's ATAR?

    Is it possible to get an offer from either uts, usyd or unsw for Software/civil engineering or science at either of the 3?
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    Engineering with low ATAR?

    So i want to do either civil or software engineering combined with business (86.15 ATAR) at UTS but my predicted atar is around the mid 70ish mark. However I applied to the eas bonus points for disadvantaged school as well as another one and also submitted the uts engineering questionnaire which...
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    FREAKED OUT! Atar Estimate please stressing out right now!

    Chances of 80+ atar if I performed moderately (80+ after aligning) in the the external exams? Biology 104 / 134 English (Standard) 22 / 32 General Mathematics 11 / 44 Modern History 19 / 30 Physics 32 / 48 School rank: Top 40
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    Do the creative writing and essays go under through some plagiarism test before they're marked by BoS? Would it be viable to buy a narrative, memorize it word for word and then regurgitate it in the exam?
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    Belonging Essay Predictions!

    Title says it all. What do you guys think the belonging essay for 2013 HSC will be on? I'm rooting for connections to place!
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    Screwed over?

    Hypothetically if a person in a top 30 school doesn't perform well throughout the year, say ranked in the bottom third for all subjects, is it still possible to get an atar above 85 considering raw assessment marks are around the 65 average? Also, what kind of exam marks would be needed to...
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    ATAR estimate please!

    Appreciate it if anyone gives me a ballpark figure to work with. School rank is circa 30. In every subject, the bottom 10% of students are slackers and are extreme outliers that do not care about their atars. All my assessment marks are sitting around the 65% average. ranks are as follows...
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    Anyone sit independent trials?

    How was the exams? Easier than past cssa or similar? What was modern history like?
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    Biomed engineering.

    Anyone here do Biomedical engineering? Degree outlook/difficulty, career prospects?
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    Is it too late to pick up a subject?

    I completed the preliminary course for business studies back in year 11 but then swapped it for modern history in late 2012 and now I'd like to go back to business studies. Is this possible? I'm quite sure I can catch up as there isn't much to learn. (It's pretty repetitive). Although, I've...
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    ATAR estimate!

    if anyone could estimate my atar id really appreciate it My school rank varies a bit, around 25-40 General Maths 10/43 Biology 80/135 Modern History 15/30 Standard English 7/32 Physics 30/49
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    How good do my subjects scales for a 90+ ATAR?

    These are are going to be my HSC Subjects. Advanced or Standard English (25 in adv and 10 in standard will be in it) Modern History (11 people will be in it) General Mathematics (14 people will be kept) Legal Studies (Approx 15 people) OR Biology (Approx 25 people) Physics (Approx 20 people)...