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    UTS transferring

    So basically 0 chance?
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    Transferring with such shocking marks?

    Alrighty, got an atar of low 70's in 2013. First year student here at UTS. Failed 2 of my subject in my first semester (other 2 were mid credits) and failed 1 in my second semester (other 3 are mid passes). Currently doing bachelor of mathematics and computing however, i want to transfer to...
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    UTS transferring

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    UTS transferring

    Alrighty, got an atar of mid 70's in 2013. First year student here at UTS. Failed 2 of my subject in my first semester (other 2 were mid credits) and failed 1 in my second (other 3 are passes). Current GPA excluding this semester, 1.5/4. That's a pass average mind you. Currently doing B...
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    Omg help!

    So there is no way to use uni results mid year? Im at uts if it helps
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    Omg help!

    Hey guys! Supposedly if I'm in my first year of uni studying science at uts and say I wanted to transfer from my degree to business, would it be possible to transfer in semester 2? Considering that I didn't get the required atar for business? Would my atar be used or my uni credentials?
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    Engineering with low 70's ATAR?

    Is it possible to get an offer from either uts, usyd or unsw for Software/civil engineering or science at either of the 3?
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    Engineering with low ATAR?

    So i want to do either civil or software engineering combined with business (86.15 ATAR) at UTS but my predicted atar is around the mid 70ish mark. However I applied to the eas bonus points for disadvantaged school as well as another one and also submitted the uts engineering questionnaire which...
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    FREAKED OUT! Atar Estimate please stressing out right now!

    Chances of 80+ atar if I performed moderately (80+ after aligning) in the the external exams? Biology 104 / 134 English (Standard) 22 / 32 General Mathematics 11 / 44 Modern History 19 / 30 Physics 32 / 48 School rank: Top 40
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    Do the creative writing and essays go under through some plagiarism test before they're marked by BoS? Would it be viable to buy a narrative, memorize it word for word and then regurgitate it in the exam?
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    Belonging Essay Predictions!

    The questions for 2010 and 2012 were very similar. Both pertaining to interaction with others/world.
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    Belonging Essay Predictions!

    Chances of it being identity and/or places Just hope it has nothing to do with family or choice.
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    Belonging Essay Predictions!

    What makes you say that?
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    Belonging Essay Predictions!

    Title says it all. What do you guys think the belonging essay for 2013 HSC will be on? I'm rooting for connections to place!
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    Screwed over?

    Exactly what I needed. Strongsarcasm/10 Close to 30th.