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  1. Deer

    Usyd's timetables are out

    I customised it perfectly but den when I click on allocate similar timetable or view current timetable that same old wack shit comes up with someone else's subjects enrolled BUT WAIT HOLY FLIPPER I GOT IT FINALLY yes yes yes YESSSS
  2. Deer

    Usyd's timetables are out

    Oh god haven't been on BoS for so long BUT THiS TIMETABLE THING IS DRIVING ME INSANE ok that's all I want to say.
  3. Deer

    Deferring for 2nd Semester

    It's not the same for UTS... so just check with the institution :) EDIT: wtf what is my avatar what what why
  4. Deer

    All LAW and SCIENCE student at UNI, please HELP!!!

    I also wrote a big spiel about this idea because it is wrong! Introverts have many unique and important qualities and are a great addition to any law cohort imo. If you're hoping to become a lawyer, then yes, being shy may be a problem, but there are so many different avenues that you can take...
  5. Deer

    All LAW and SCIENCE student at UNI, please HELP!!!

    So I wrote a massive spiel about the benefits of doing a double degree but then my computer shitted itself and it all deleted and now I am too disillusioned to retype everything but I was getting very enthusiastic and my main point was that you should definitely study law and science. I...
  6. Deer

    atar or wam/gpa?

    I know that USyd takes ATAR over GPA if you've studied for less than a year. I'd say that UNSW would be the same. The course I applied for at UTS has always been extremely popular for NRSL (Design/Visual Communication) so I guess that's why they have more qualifications for admission. Plus it...
  7. Deer

    atar or wam/gpa?

    That's what I did- studied for one semester and then took the second semester off so I could take some time to decide what I wanted to do. Most universities will take your ATAR over your WAM/GPA if you've studied less than 1 full year, but NOT ALL, so be careful. :) Ie, I didn't get into a...
  8. Deer

    Easiest Arts subjects to boost marks?

    Really? I've heard that the writing subjects are great, I was thinking of doing one this year. Do you know what WRIT1002 is like?
  9. Deer


    Shame that you have such terrible lecturers. There's an extremely nutty one at USyd but there's also a brilliant one, her lectures are always packed. I used to sit in on them before I was even studying psych. Just the luck of the draw I guess. Hopefully you'll have a better tutor.
  10. Deer


    Genuinely not sure if trolling, buuuuut yeah it is actually very difficult to become a registered psychologist. As I'm sure you'd know if you're studying it, to become a registered psych you need to do your 3 year undergrad majoring in psych, then make it into honours (which is extremely...
  11. Deer

    USYD Roll Call 2012

    b Psychology after transferring from a b Arts (Adv)(Hons) last year! Hurrah. Did second year subjects in my first year, now I'm doing first year subjects in my second year. MY LIFE MAKES SENSE.
  12. Deer

    Art & Design

    Not sure about UWS, but I know that at UTS you have to supply all the things like markers/pencils etc yourself (if you need them), but they have computer labs with the adobe suite on them for you to use. If you're ok with doing all your design work at uni this is ok, but if not you might want to...
  13. Deer

    Accepting a late round offer?

    Oh ok, I'm not sure, maybe check with the institution. I have a friend who started a degree at UOW, has transferred to UNSW for this year but suspended her degree at UOW for a year in case she wants to go back. I assume it would work the same way with deferral, but perhaps not. Just call to...
  14. Deer

    Accepting a late round offer?

    I'd accept both. If you're really undecided, I'd suggest picking the one that you're leaning more towards and then deferring or suspending your enrolment at the other institution. That way, if next year you decide you've picked the wrong thing, you can always have that other course as a backup...
  15. Deer

    How many times can a person transfer courses?

    That's really, really silly. She should have finished that degree and just done another one! Or done masters! That's such a lot of time to waste. As for scholarship, no I don't think it works that way! I've never heard of people having to pay back a scholarship. I guess it depends on the terms...
  16. Deer

    Late Round Offers & Alternative Pathways

    Re: FAQ: Late Round Offers No. You had to put the other preferences in front for them to be considered.
  17. Deer

    Worth doing 3 majors or not - your opinion!

    Re: Worth it or not - your opinion! I'm not sure about how your degree structure works... but you don't have to choose whether you'll do 3 majors straight away, do you? Why don't you set your subjects up this year to give you the option, but then also pursue 2 electives that you have interest...
  18. Deer

    IS It possible to transfer?

    Erm. I'll try to answer this with all the knowledge I have, though I may be wrong. But basically, yes you can. You can do medicine after any degree- though some may prepare you better for your postgrad med exam GAMSAT (which covers areas in physics/bio/chem) than others, hence why people often...
  19. Deer

    Changing preferences and vancancies

    Hey. I've been trying to figure out my options for late round too. I called UNSW regarding their B Design degree and apparently there will be some late round offers released, despite no vacancies being listed (I don't understand, but that's what the admin staff told me.) Mind you, ATAR cut-offs...
  20. Deer

    UTS B Design ATAR UAI cut-offs 2012

    We're probably not the best people to answer your question on this thread, though I saw you also made a thread in the 'Transfers' forum, which is good. Here is a link to the admission guidelines, though I'm sure you've seen it and it doesn't specify the GPA. I would suggest calling the Student...