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  1. birdflu

    Observer Question!!!

    I agree with your point. Does from observer A's perspective the train gets shorter?
  2. birdflu

    Observer Question!!!

    dude A sees it at the same time. Dude B sees the lightning at the front first then the one at the back from his eye on the back of his head. because the train gets shorter (I think).
  3. birdflu

    10 Mary Street

    I like the way you do your assignments.
  4. birdflu

    Forbidden love

    Who cares, even if you have sex with your cousin your baby won't turn out retarded. The first generation is fine and besides the blood is already diluted between your two. Put the win back into the wincest.
  5. birdflu

    Does God exist?

    There is no evidence of a god (scientific perspective). QED.
  6. birdflu

    Racism against Aboriginal Australians/Torres Strait Islanders

    The thing is, the stereotypes all have some merit but the problem of racism is cultural. If I wanted to put down an Aboriginal person using words, most of my remarks would be racist, i.e. Aboriginal people cant support families better than a park bench, being drunk, make fun of them sniffing...