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  1. Jayphen

    What course are you doing 06?

    Cert IV Web Design @ Hornsby TAFE Then B Communication Design @ Billy Blue in 07
  2. Jayphen

    how did u learn photoshop?

    Started off just playing around with it, reading some basic tutorials and the like. The most important thing is spending time getting familiar with the ins and outs of the program. Play with different tools until you understand them. If you still don't, read a tutorial about the particular tool...
  3. Jayphen

    Ext 2 English!!!

    48/50 external 41/50 internal 45 HSC Mark I'm happy with that.
  4. Jayphen

    EE2 Marks!

    41/50 Internal (damnit) 48/50 External 45 HSC Mark Pretty happy with the External mark!! How did you guys go?
  5. Jayphen

    General Discussion on the 2005 HSC marks/UAI

    I completely forgot we get our results tomorrow, haha. Doesn't really mean too much to me, thankfully. Good luck to you all!
  6. Jayphen

    Civilization IV

    Yeah, I obtained it today ;) Haven't played it much yet - been pretty busy. But it looks pretty hot.
  7. Jayphen

    to sell or not to sell

    No you won't notice a difference. Yes it does create a little more heat and use a little more power - but nothing to worry about. You won't get much for 256mb at all. I'd say around $30-40
  8. Jayphen

    How much do you download?

    As close to 10gb a month as I can. I'm getting iinet soon though, so it'll be as close to 20gb a month as I can ;)
  9. Jayphen

    OCing AMD64's

    Well after looking around and junk, I'm pretty sure it's my CPU that isn't allowing any higher voltage. The only way I can do it is with a hard mod, but I don't wanna mess around with a soldering iron.. I got it to 2.5ghz anyway and it's stable as a rock
  10. Jayphen

    OCing AMD64's

    I think I'm stable now at 2.5ghz (250HTT @ 10x multi) .. 1.57V Vcore PC3200 RAM is @ 333DDR (208.3mhz) 2.5-7-7-3 1T @ 2.8 VDIMM Right now CPU temp is @ 31C and MB temp is @ 35C (I looked it up, and apparantly it's common for the MB temp to be higher than CPU temp on the a8n-sli premium...
  11. Jayphen

    OCing AMD64's

    oh I didn't need a guide, was just wondering what experiences other people have had
  12. Jayphen

    OCing AMD64's

    Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm currently in the process of running prime95 for an hour to check the stability of my HTT overclock. The method I'm using is a long one, but should be worth it in the end. I'm finding max HTT, then CPU frequency, then RAM speed, then HT. Then...
  13. Jayphen

    Dialog boxes popping up on my desktop

    Yeah, but Windows Messenger is annoying anyway :p
  14. Jayphen

    Dialog boxes popping up on my desktop

    Just remove Windows Messenger - MSN Messenger is fine You're welcome!
  15. Jayphen

    New PC specs

    I just bought a 21" CRT flatscreen off ebay and picked it up today. this is the biggest thing I've ever seen.. it's honestly HUGE. it weighs as much as I do. Anyway I'm running it at 1600x1200 now, it's pretty hot. In other news, I'm in the process of OCing my 6600GT.. I'm at 425/308 and...
  16. Jayphen

    New PC specs

    I cleaned it off with isopropyl and I have no idea why my cpu temp is lower than my mobo temp. That's what ASUS Probe tells me though.
  17. Jayphen

    New PC specs

    I got 2556 marks in 3dmark05
  18. Jayphen

    Dialog boxes popping up on my desktop

    I'd recommend removing Windows Messenger altogether unless you use it. Go here http://www.dougknox.com/xp/tips/xp_messenger_remove.htm Just right click the 'download' link and save it to your desktop.. then run it. after you reboot, no more messenger.
  19. Jayphen

    New PC specs

    I just finished taking it all apart and putting it back together (the heatsink can go two different ways - I put it on so that the fan on the back of it was 2cm away from another fan on the rear of the case.. I thought this may be affecting airflow so I put it on the other way around .. that...
  20. Jayphen

    Telstra is fucked! seriously

    get iinet!