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  1. del

    Ms Word Page Setup Help!!!!!!

    save it as a template called Normal.dot
  2. del

    voice-2-voice communication via broadband

    http://www.skype.com/ haven't tried it though
  3. del

    English Test

    if you can write coherently, it's nothing to worry about. judging by your post, you shouldn't have a problem at all.
  4. del

    wot do u fink?

    the CPU's a Pentium M right? They're pretty good... I've got a 1.3 one and haven't had a problem with it (running multiple aps that consume mem etc)... though i've got 512 ram in mine.
  5. del

    Centrino Notebooks

    yeah i got a centrino 1.3 ghz too. as winston says, yes the speed varies according to how much processing power is needed at the time - nothing to worry about. whe you view system properties the cpu is shown as a pentium M. this 'cos a centrino technically is a lappy that contains...
  6. del

    OOP questions..

    as Ragerunner says about many forms.... methods can behave in different ways according to a number of things. e.g. the type of parameters passed to it - e.g. a ticket machine may accept either coins of notes and return the change. a method may perform the processing differently according to...
  7. del

    Whats The Scaling LIke For IT?

    yes.... but this *really* depends on how well you do percentile wise in respect to the rest of the state doing ITV
  8. del


    you won't ever need to do any actual calculations as such (well definatley not ones where you'll need a calculator) you'd just have to show the method/formula you'd use to derive your answer
  9. del

    ipt useful?

    agree... with the above... got over 90, IPT counted.
  10. del

    Question8 of Multiple Choice 2001

    i think you need to work it out on a calculator....... if its the question im thinking of...
  11. del

    Worth doing??????

    ITV has its good and bad points. But there is nothing wrong going for a UAI with ITV. I had 12 units, and ITV turned out counting and i still got 95+ the boring parts most people find (documentation etc etc), are actually useful as in uni you have to write reports and stuff for scenarios such...
  12. del

    10 or 12 units?

    keep it as a backup... you may be surprised with EES (well I was back when I did it) the course content isn't overally hard (neither is the paper)
  13. del

    Hard Questions! Help!

    nah your right, i think theres a comma missing between cat5, and coaxial
  14. del

    Hard Questions! Help!

    There are different types of joins available depending on the DBMS being used - MySQL has JOIN, CROSS JOIN, INNER JOIN and STRAIGHT JOIN for example. Joins often are used to retrieve data from several tables. It's a bit out of the scope of IPT i reckon (unless your maybe looking to do...
  15. del

    Big Day Out

    it's $98 + booking fee.... so just over $100 i reckon.
  16. del

    Hard Questions! Help!

    By that syllabus point, there talking about knowing about twisted pair, fibre optics, and coaxial cabling. You'd need to know the main characteristics of each.
  17. del

    Hard Questions! Help!

    the closest thing I can think to showing how probably more relates to a relational database which has relationships between the various tables. in that respect, because there are relations between the tables and with the use of primary and foreign keys, you could work out how to find a...
  18. del

    Hard Questions! Help!

    actually you can change the data. by using the relevant sql statements. have a look at the INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE statements http://www.w3schools.com/sql/default.asp
  19. del

    Hard Questions! Help!

    2. The Heinemann text defines schema as the data definition of the database. It is an organized plan of the DB showing how and where data is found, descriptions of the data and the datas logical relationships. The question I ask is what does it mean and how does a schema describe how and where...
  20. del


    yep... have a look at http://www.openoffice.org/