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  1. Dratini

    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    argh! that test was horrible! i thought i was doing really bad but most of you have found it hard as well. thank god. i know the test was hard because my mathematics teacher, the extension maths teacher at my school and the mathematics teacher at another school all thought it was a really hard...
  2. Dratini

    Information Tech.

    my teacher never gave my class much to study or to work from. the class had no respect and he couldn't teach us properly because of that. i borrowed an excel info tech book from tafe and am reading through it.i don't have too high hopes for this test but i can't wait to celebrate the HSC being...
  3. Dratini

    Section IV - Historical Periods

    in the spur of the moment i couldnt remember anything about early delian league and as a class we glanced over the roles of Leonidas, Themistocles, Euribiades etc. i revised them but the information didn't seem to stick. well its in the past now. there is nothing i can do about it.
  4. Dratini

    Section IV - Historical Periods

    man, all you guys who did Greek World 500-440 seemed to have done really well. i hated those questions. i had no idea what to write. my section IV was really bad and will drag my overall ancient mark down. :(
  5. Dratini

    Section III - Personalities

    Pericles was awsome. i loved the questions. his role in the Pelopponnesian War was one of my strong points, even though i can't spell it! wait that actually looks right. have i finally spelt it right? :jump: Overall, the questions were great and i think my answers were good.
  6. Dratini

    Section II - Societies

    Sparta was awsome. i loved the questions. I wasn't too sure about economy but i think i did ok in that question. i loved the kings question. i remember thinking the morning of the exam "I hope there's a kings question" and there was! our trial had a kings question and i felt i knew kings really...
  7. Dratini

    amount of pages for Peloponnesian War :)

    completing a full booklet should be fine. of course is does depend on your size of writing. i can't remember how many pages the booklet has but i do remember that the lines are quite large.
  8. Dratini

    Greek World 500-440 BC: The Persian Wars or The Delian League

    hmm. i'm pretty good as an all-rounder and i don't have a preference. it'll depend on the question they give us. in my half yearlies i did the delian League (one of 2 out of 7) but in your case i would have done Persian wars. as i said, it depends on the question.
  9. Dratini

    Peloponnesian League - Help!!!

    ok, i understand how confused you are. here are some notes my teacher gave me whan i asked about it: Spartan Responses to Athenian imperialism “Envy in Sparta at growth of Athenian power”-Thucydides in his introduction Corinth was the main agitator in the PL as they resented the influence...
  10. Dratini

    The Dioscuri

    to Livingman: No the spartan kings were decendant from heracles (hercules in Rome) to XinXin89: The dioscouri were one of the most common subjects of Spartan art. The 'Heavenly Twins', brothers Castor and Polydeuces, were Spartan princes and the siblings of helen of Troy. One brother was the...
  11. Dratini

    sparta - gods

    May-Cat's right. 'Orthia' is a form or version of Artemis, called Artemis Orthia. Athene as well has different forms, but you didn't ask about that. The greek states usually worshipped different forms of the gods that encompased their need. Artemis orthia was one of these. the following is...
  12. Dratini

    Help with the Ionian Revolt

    i'm happy that i helped. :)
  13. Dratini

    Help with the Ionian Revolt

    Ok, hope this isn't too late for you. SCENE the Ionian greeks on the coast of Asia Minor an dthe islands off the coast were ruled by the greek tyrants. KEY PLAYERS Ionian Greeks: - Histaeus, former tyrant of Miletus. - Aristogoras, tyrant of Miletus, son-in-law of Histaeus Persians: -...
  14. Dratini

    "Why did so many member states revolt from the Delian League/Athenian Empire?"

    I've been taught that the states revolted from the Delian League because Athens was becoming too 'bossy'. They also thought that they didn't need to be a part of the League as they hadn't seen any Persians for many years, as the League was created to protect against the persians. Also, when a...