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  1. cessusbangy

    General Thoughts: Senior Science

    The exam was OK. Emphasis on "OK". A lot of the Lifestyle Chemistry syllabus was squished into a single 8 mark question, and I felt that they should have dispersed it a lot more, as there was a hell-of-a-lot of focus on Medical Technology + Bionics. The last question on the Pharmaceuticals...
  2. cessusbangy

    The HSC Haiku thread

    Chilled about the test, Not the be all and end all, Plenty of pathways.
  3. cessusbangy

    How bad will this look for my HSC/ATAR?

    Okay, so I had 4 seperate tasks periodically which combined together to form a first task for S.O.R- 1U, I completed 3 out of those 4 but for unforeseen circumstances could not complete Task 4 which was the most crucial toward the mark. This resulted in me receiving an N-Grade Warning Letter...