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  1. Ziff


    I do Arts/Law. 5 years already. Honours for Law - MAYBE, but I'd much rather do the electives I want then do a LLM at USYD or UMELB. I take the attitude of the elitists, much rather honours or masters from Sydney or Melbourne than from the undergrad uni.
  2. Ziff

    Arts/Law at ANU?

    It's a massive liability!
  3. Ziff

    anyone else don't believe in love?

    Bahhaha. Hell no. I'm just explaining a pragmatic view of love. There's a massive difference between "in love" and "real love". It's just that at 19 I doubt there's really the ability to get there. Even if you do get there, social and personal issues will be likely to break it up, not to mention...
  4. Ziff

    anyone else don't believe in love?

    I don't think people have the right frame of mind for analysing the concept of love sometimes. They are too hurt or too emotionally crippled. They also don't have the requisite scientific grounding (even if it's merely a rudimentary view gained from newspapers!). Firstly, everything you feel...
  5. Ziff

    Uni Advice - UOW or move to Usyd?

    There is no social life in Wollongong. I come from Wollongong. I know. You will find Sydney a much better place to live with more people who are likely to be in line with your social, political and moral outlook. Wollongong is nothing but dirty bogans, so don't worry about it.
  6. Ziff

    national undergraduate scholarships

    Should do. 99.75 from NSW should be more than ample. Also apply for any other scholarship you possibly can. Including Equity, Commonwealth, Group of 8 and so on. It also depends on which state you're in though. For instance, it's easier for a person from the Northern Territory to gain that...
  7. Ziff

    Push for Graduate School Universities

    Liberal Arts in the US/USYD style which involves languages, arts and science components.
  8. Ziff

    Push for Graduate School Universities

    I don't necessarily think there is anything wrong with the American model except the exorbitant fees. If we had both "tiers" under the HECS scheme then there would not be any issue. Both, at the time of making my choice in degree and in retrospect, I think I would have preferred to have done...
  9. Ziff

    Homeward bound?

    Back to Wollongong for about a week and then hopefully off to Melbourne.
  10. Ziff

    A victory for common sense

    Angry Gleeson and Kirby: "The decision of this Court in Nagle v Rottnest Island Authority[4] is not authority for the proposition that the coastline of Australia should be ringed with signs warning of the danger of invisible rocks. That was a decision about the legal principles relevant to the...
  11. Ziff

    Role of Legal Aid

    Yeah, what twistedd said. There is no legally enshrined right to legal aid. There is merely a right to a fair trial, but what is a "fair trial" is discretionary :P
  12. Ziff

    Stevens v Sony

    Man I love Kirby's wacky approach. Infringement of rights to chatels (property). Great stuff! Not to mention the obligatory references to the constitution and international obligations. Anyway, I think it's a good decisions and it makes complete sense. Sony advanced some quite silly arguments...
  13. Ziff

    Trial Question

    Maybe the expect you to refer to tort law reform such as the Civil Liabilities Act 2002.
  14. Ziff

    The cuffs are off for High Court showdown

    Isn't the "Full Court" when 3 or more justices are sitting? You might be confusing the term with "Full bench" which means they're all there at the same time.
  15. Ziff

    International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

    The ICCPR is bunged on as a schedule to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Act 1986 - http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/hraeoca1986512/. Search for the ICESC.
  16. Ziff


    Family Law Act 1975. Marriage Act (and Amendments, such as MARRIAGE AMENDMENT ACT 1976 No. 209, 1976 which inserted S. 111A which abolished a cause of action for breaking off a marriage after engagement). It isn't limited to racial things only. Economic things count too (you could also talk...
  17. Ziff

    Jurisdiction on de facto's

    Only if it involves children. Matters concerning children go to the FmCA/FMS. De facto matters otherwise go before State/Territory courts (in NSW under the Property (Relationships) Act 1984). I'm not entirely sure of the situation in Western Australia though who have their own state-based...
  18. Ziff

    Arts/Law at ANU?

    Jim George is a god! Don't diss Jim George. Awesome... I'm starting to get doubts about the law programme at the ANU... ethics course is shit. The contracts course is being taught extremely poorly. Yep. Doubts.
  19. Ziff

    National Undergrad...

    To maintain a NUS you only need a Credit average. PhB is a HD average one.