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    2011 Chatter Thread

    Re: Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2011) saw 2 fully hard lebs with a mullet and ratty on the train, telling a girl she had a nice ass...just wanted to punch them in the face. Even worse they go usyd and unsw... no im not trolling, but seriously ffs, they dont belong in uni.
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    First day at uni

    actually your sig explains it
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    Who's getting pokemon black and white?

    Re: Who\'s getting pokemon black and white? does it work if you use your old r4 revolution card but with the latest update?
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    First day at uni

    wish it was me final year
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    Make your own pick-up lines!

    damn virgins, you guys are horrible. wanna australian kiss? its like a french kiss but DOWN UNDER.
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    Difference between asian imports and Australian born asians

    talk extremely loud, have a fringe, dress bright colourful clothes, high heels even to uni lol
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    UNSW Kensington Campus

    it's not a math exam bro.
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    How to tell what he's really after ?

    Lebs dun go uni, only UWS, ya frickin wanker.
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    Orientation at UTS

    doing burnouts, eating kebabs and looking tough....................wait hold on that's ultimo tafe.
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    Who will be looking for love at Uni?

    post a pic of yourself and let me be the judge of that.
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    Most fun university?

    +1, students attending other unis are miserable fucks, I honestly feel sorry for them.
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    Sydney uni question about enrolling

    1. don't need to do anything before your enrolment day. 2. on the day, you'll be given several booklets etc in which you have to fill out (this is where you put the junior core subjects in). 3. majors are not chosen yet until 2nd year if iirc. 4. you'll have to line up at your given location...
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    Law courses at Tafe?

    You did shit in your hsc lol, you'll never pass anything if you write so atrociously.
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    Help me choose my courses for Commerce/Science first year.

    Doing science and commerce doesn't make sense? You want to be a scientist but also a businessman? seriously kids these days. You might as well do law/medicine if they offered it....
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    Law at Macquarie or UTS? (plz don't bring UNSW or USYD into this, thankyou)

    I would avoid UTS at all cost considering the amount of idiots get in with an atar of 60 but also because ultimo tafe is nearby...but then macquarie is so damn far. Also both uni have just about the same reputation (both nationally and internationally). So it's really a toin coss if you ask me.
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    USyd's turn now?

    the social network 2
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    usyd hacked LOL

    zuckerberg in usyd.
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    Punchbowl KFC

    This is normal inbred behaviour.
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    why cant i access/see UAC's University Offers 2010 Online - see who's in your course!

    Re: why cant i access/see UAC's University Offers 2010 Online - see who's in your cou There're just kids like you anyway so you can't much better.