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  1. lowek

    Pompeii and Herculaneum Food Question

    well. I think so because it was with reference to source whatever talk about etcece. so if you didn't know what it was you were screwed from the start!
  2. lowek

    Should English really be compulsory??

    It bothers me when people don't know the the difference between your and you're. I mean god, it's not that hard!!! I don't know if english should eb cumpolsory, I just think competent teachers would be a start ( I am furious at mine, she never showed up or gave us anything related to anything in...
  3. lowek

    Pompeii and Herculaneum Food Question

    yeah that question was very off putting!! All I remember from food is my teacehr talking about bread so I very casually wrote about how food SUCH as bread may be .. etcetetc. I honestly had no clue what it was!!
  4. lowek

    Hatshepsut Question!

    yeah i think it should have been the other way round but I managed to make (b) longer. I spent tooooo much time on the hatshepsut questions but thankfully pompeii and herculaneum didn't take me that long so I had extra time.
  5. lowek

    Satan wrote that exam

    I quite liked my questions. Like I prepared an essay for summer of the seventeenth doll and no sugar that slotted in really well. and the American drama question was similar to the assessment task we had so it was alright for me. I'm sure you did fine!! Everyone who thinks they did the worst...
  6. lowek

    Section 3

    For anyone else who did On Giants' Shoulders. I feel for you. I really hate that book, it's going on the hsc bonfire. I wrote a little over one book but I wasn't going to spend over 40 minutes on it. Did your other sections suffer because you spent more time on your essay? The time went so...
  7. lowek

    What were first impressions of the atmosphere and the supervisors?

    Our supervisors were ANNOYING. I'm trying to write my fricking paper. and two of them are having a merry old chat behind me. Oh and our prosiding officer [cuz they're the same as yr 10] told us in the SC we were the worst group she had ever taken. So I don't think her opinion has changed much.
  8. lowek

    finished! NO MORE! BYE BYE!

    hehe yayyyy. I finished my majors last week when extension history was due!!
  9. lowek

    Final Works 2006

    I have a few pics from the process.. I did As you Like It costumde design in commedia style. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v201/pbrimages2/majorwork/?action=view&current=20082006146.jpg&slideshow=true&interval=4
  10. lowek

    Onstage Nominations

    yeah our school has a nomination too [:
  11. lowek


    gah My major work is due in about a month I think and I've done lots of research on david irving and the holocaust denial but I'm not really sure of a definate question - any help? I have a few ideas but I was hoping there could be some better ones out here [:
  12. lowek

    what was the role and status of women in new kingdom egypt

    ah sorry. you too.
  13. lowek

    what was the role and status of women in new kingdom egypt

    what period is it in? there are 2 nk options, also is this ordinary egyptian women?
  14. lowek

    How is everyone going? Where are you up to?

    Re: HSC DRAMA- HOW IS EVERYONE GOING? WHERE ARE YOU UP TO (performance wise) GP is going well we have a group of 6 so the whole choreography of it all was pretty hard but it's really working great. we have to perform one week from today!! IP is going miserably.. Trials went fantastic.
  15. lowek

    the 'im screwed for modern' thread

    yarrr modern wasn't distressing! I had my trials last term and did really well for modern. I was freaking mainly because I do all 5 units of history and had to remember so much haha but in a way the trials make it so much easier for the hsc I mean all your summary notes and stuff are done except...
  16. lowek

    Work load for Ext. History

    too put it bluntly... I have more work for history extension then I have for modern and ancient put together which strikes me as amusing for a one unit subject. It really is a great subject though and to type a cliche which I'm sure all teachers harp on about .. you really won't think the same...
  17. lowek

    hyksos in new kingdom egypt - thutmose IV

    Essentially the impact of the hyksos was significant to the basis on which the new kingdom was found upon, militarical. therefore this could account for the emerging importance of the warrior pharaoh and why they looked beyond egyptians borders and created a so-called "empire" and quite...
  18. lowek

    costume design examples

    yoho. I'm doing as you like it and I've done 2 sets of draft renderings >.> like I did circus [which is obviously not original from surfing through other posts] and the original elizabethan concept. btw, I think you should have started some by now lol it's getting a bit like running out of time...
  19. lowek

    Costume Design

    gahh costume design haha. My logbooks are heavy too! I'm doing as you like it. yep I went with old shakespeare. I'm also the only one in my class doing costume ]: there are like 8 individual performances, 5 scripts and just me doing costume design.
  20. lowek

    help me...i need a question for my project!!!!!!!

    ohh I'm doing the vietnam war in modern if anything pops out at me I'll keep you posted on some questions related to it [: