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  1. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Global Variables in Pseudocode + Time Formatting

    never used pascal but thanx for da help. =) okay i getcha cheers man =)
  2. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Global Variables in Pseudocode + Time Formatting

    yah but its for the course im doing n0w lol. =/
  3. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Global Variables in Pseudocode + Time Formatting

    hey how do i declare the global variables in pseudocode so that they can be used in both sub programs and the mainprogram =/ i dont remember this. =0, wat im trying to do is use an errorcounter that will be used in subprogram and then use it to display the number of errors in the mainprogram...
  4. Kn1ght_M4r3

    the internet...

    the internet started from the activities of the U.S department of Defence during the cold war years of the early 1960s. i think it was called ARPANet and was designed around the principle of unreliable computers.
  5. Kn1ght_M4r3

    ~Need Help URGENTLY~

    well usually for assessments its 2 weeks. but hey wen i was in IT the stoopid teacher gave me less then 4 dayz notice, maybe its coz its IT they dont care =/ i dunn0 but that was constantly the case with our teacher. but yeah i still think its 2 weeks notice for an assessment =) i...
  6. Kn1ght_M4r3


    ahahah but at least you know like the basicz of it winston =) Well i guess we all need revision ehhe umm yeah fatmuscle its like if the question asked which of these are fully divisible by i dunno 0010 and like u dont do the long division but just do this shortcut way to see if there is a...
  7. Kn1ght_M4r3


    yah =D but me friend is doing it and he needs to kn0w, but i cant remember it rofl. =/ i kn0w its in the book somewhere just not sure where ahhhaha. division of binary i can still do, the shortcut thing i cant remember =/
  8. Kn1ght_M4r3


    hey guys, do u remember wat the shortcut is for finding out whether a binary number is divisible by another. Not the long divsion way, i mean the short cut to see if its fully divisible or if it has a remainder, i cant remember it =/
  9. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Class of 2003 HSC Exam Marks for SDD

    im happy with wat i got. 84 band 5
  10. Kn1ght_M4r3


    hehe we answered this question sometime ago. heheeh =0P but was some time ago
  11. Kn1ght_M4r3

    If im "sick" do i get my trial mark?

    w3ll hope that c0mes back and bites em all in the ass. they get in a car accident and if they miss work by a minute their fired. =p that will show em. inconsiderate bastards. hahaahah
  12. Kn1ght_M4r3

    To and CC

    okay great, just needed to clear that up. thanx huy. =0)
  13. Kn1ght_M4r3

    To and CC

    like a memo to the staff members or something?
  14. Kn1ght_M4r3


    you would need to kn0w how to do a mail merge too0. =0@ i g0t that wrong last time said u mail merge from access wen it was from word i think. >.< still got marks for it though not max marks
  15. Kn1ght_M4r3


    id say network cable would be good enough to get u marks, i dont think they care about the technical bits of it do they? If they did then we would be talking all technical stuff in the exam. thats just my opinion but. i think network cable ish fine.
  16. Kn1ght_M4r3


    hehe absolute and relative ahhh the good old days wen i got that wrong. but i learnt from my mistakes and know them off by heart now hehehehe. thanx again f0r the reminders guyz. much appreciated to refresh my memory with this stuff.
  17. Kn1ght_M4r3


    um no it ish the 7th. the copies are already out. my friend bought a copy on the 7th from Electronics Boutique. cost him 80bucks. he got it at liverpool. so yeah its out =0D
  18. Kn1ght_M4r3

    [Option Topic] Software Developer's View of Hardware

    aww great i did that do, the ACK NACK ERR NYET STALL all that shit i just bs anything into it lol. ahahah
  19. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Question 21 exam thoughts

    i thought it was EOF as well. i g0t the rest same as u guyz, i was stuck on that question, didnt know wtf to do until i came back and just subbed info into it. lol.
  20. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Post your overall thoughts

    hmm my scho0ol thought it was hard, i found it n0t easy all the way, but it had its advantages and disadvantages. i saw the evolution bit was like wtf is that. ahahah poor people. ahh well its over.