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  1. chippie

    The Song from the Coca Cola ad?

    virgin^sexy : your avatar is hypnotic... what IS that thing?
  2. chippie

    The Song from the Coca Cola ad?

    yeah, like skating around n stuff...
  3. chippie

    The Song from the Coca Cola ad?

    WHAT IS IT CALLED? Me and my friends have been trying to ffind out who its by and what its called!
  4. chippie

    are you over ur UAI?

    all that work....for a number. seems quite pointless in the end...
  5. chippie

    Post good punk/rock/pop-rock bands here.

    yay! im going to mxpx!!! My bf bought me a ticket yesterday for my birthday! I am sooo stoked!
  6. chippie


    :( I dont finsih until the 12th.....Damned extension history....except my 2nd last one is today (the 31st!) which means I have 12 days of bludging until the last one. grrrr.
  7. chippie


    i thought the Germany question was brilliant! I did the society one as well, and I think I did pretty ok. The Leni Riefenstahl questions were also good, similar to the past years questions!
  8. chippie

    Other Studies in Peace and Conflict

    I forgot to listen when we learnt Arab Israeli, But even people i know who listened thought it was tough!!!!!
  9. chippie

    Jack Johnson fans who missed out on tickets to Sydney concert....

    i got tickets :D to the 3rd show though, the tickets sold out sooo fast! Exactly a week from today I'm seeing him! yay!
  10. chippie

    Easy !

    I actually didnt mind it.....except for the international studies part. that was crappy as. Then again I just didnt like or understand the topic we did so....I liked the Nazi Germany question, very broad, and the WW1 Section was very easy as well!
  11. chippie

    B Arts ( Dance)/B Education

    I'm applying for it! I can't make it to the auditon, but I have been allowed to do it via video. It probably realllly decreases my chances, but theres no harm in trying I suppose!
  12. chippie

    ok lets start the bitching, that was a difficult exam...

    I was too busy trying to remember acts and cases on my way in...stressing heaps, then in the reading time, I read the Crime question and almost fell of my fucking chair. What a shit question. Who cares about frickin international crime! Why not ask a question on something decent....grrrr that...
  13. chippie

    Best Exam Ever

    i had Agrippina II for personality, Roman Society Minoan Bronze Age Society and my Historical period was Augustus and the Julio Cluadian.
  14. chippie

    Best Exam Ever

    did anyone in your exam leave heaps early? we had so many people leave early, and i only JUST fnished right on time... I don't know if it was a good thing or not :(
  15. chippie

    the motivation's at an all time low

    ive been unmotivated for the past 2 years.... lol nahh i got my 3 most stressed about exams out of the way now so its all good i sposens....and now I just cant give a fuck anymore. So, i can say that I join you in the de-motivationalised group :)
  16. chippie

    Best Exam Ever

    Yeah was pretty good! I wasnt a huge fan of the Personalities questions though. lol. I hated that topic!!!
  17. chippie

    motivational songs

    I love this song :) Makes me feel so much better, like, I dunno, more motivated and stuff! Is Good! Also, the song Punk Rawk Show by MXPX, while not being exactly motivational, the song gets me really upbeat and stuff!
  18. chippie

    How's This For Stress?

    20th: English 22nd: English 23rd: Ancient History 24th: Legal Studies WEEKEND YAY!!! 28th: Maths 30th: Modern History 31st: Aboriginal Studies Then....12 days later on the 12th i have: History Extension I'm NOT a happy camper! I spose it COULD be worse but... meh
  19. chippie

    All about music

    ok more to add to mine.... pearl jam, relient k, starting line, told: (my friends band...hehhe) and john butler trio..... I got tickets to jack johnson!!! anyone else going?
  20. chippie


    Hehehe, omg kids shows when I was younger was better than all this shit thats on now. I mean, Gumby and Sooty were my two favourite shows, along with Carebears, SuperTed, Danger Mouse.... *sigh* ahhh memories...I'm gonna ave to get me some Gumby Vidoes! I loved Pokey...he was hell cool.