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  1. mrzeidan1

    hi 5 for port stephens!

    nelson bay 29th - 8th.. got a house for the time with a group of about 8.. any1 going feel free to pm me to organise a party or somethin
  2. mrzeidan1

    What Cars does everyone drive??

    2003 VY Berlina.
  3. mrzeidan1

    need to confirm some answers:

    agreed on all questions. maximum value of h, i set the stuff in the square root = 0 and solved for h? edit: had an 11pi/12 somewhere in there though, cant remember exactly
  4. mrzeidan1

    What Your think your raw marks will be?

    max is 81/84 hoping for 75+
  5. mrzeidan1

    General thoughts- Extension 1 maths

    That exam was alright i thought i got 283 for the parachuting lady and 4!x3!/6! for the probability missed a few marks, 1ST PARAMETRICS WHAT THE HELL :(, and also 6b.iii and 7aii. finished the projectile hopefully its right hoping for a 75+/84
  6. mrzeidan1

    yet another uai prediction

    do you think i can push it to 90ish?
  7. mrzeidan1

    yet another uai prediction

    yep lol its compulsory :(
  8. mrzeidan1

    yet another uai prediction

    school is probably near the 200 level. English advanced - 70% - 30/68 Maths Ext 1 - 91% - 1/10 Maths Ext 2 - 71% - 1/1 Physics - 70% - 3/9 IPT - 80% - 2/8 SOR1 - 42% - 60/110
  9. mrzeidan1

    Top 'speed' done and where?

    170, got lost on the way home and ended up lost somewhere in homebush.. turns out its a street drag racing strip lol
  10. mrzeidan1

    Trials Results

    Only got a few back. MX1 - 77/84 1/14 IPT - 81/100 2/12 Adv Eng - 72/100 ~20/70
  11. mrzeidan1

    CSSA trial extension 1

    I have no idea what our school done. I'm pretty sure they used a few cssa questions, but changed it? From the people i've talkd too, our test was WAY easier then the cssa.. we had the parametric question with arithmetic series, but the induction was easier, and the last binomial was easier...
  12. mrzeidan1

    Superconductivity Questions

    i got the first question. any takers on the second?
  13. mrzeidan1

    Superconductivity Questions

    Hi everyone. I have a research task on superconductivity and there's a couple of questions that i can' get. Any help appreciated :) Expain why superconductivity and magnetism are natural enemies. Discuss the forces acting on a magnet and a superconductor when placed in a magnetic field...
  14. mrzeidan1

    Possible experiments?

    I've got a physics prac coming up... Our teacher has said that experiments involving high voltages won't be tested. Just wondering what possible experiments he could give us??
  15. mrzeidan1

    The World of Pick-Up Line

    How much does a polar bear weigh? I don't know.. why? Enough to break the ice
  16. mrzeidan1

    Are supras good?

    S15 200SX. Can't go wrong
  17. mrzeidan1

    Which Phone? [D900, V3xx, 6288, N76, Shine]

    i got the d900... its awesome except the slide is not the smoothest
  18. mrzeidan1

    Failed P's?

    na was a young lady.. yeah true the trains suck in Greenacre lol but the buses aren't too bad
  19. mrzeidan1

    Failed P's?

    haha yay go the greenacre people. yeah the 1st time I went I got the man and he didn't let me do the test because half of my minor brake light (the one inside the rear windshield) wasnt working... but he didnt charge me for another test so it wasn't that bad 2nd time I got a lady and...