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  1. Slatteryexpress

    Online Surf Clothing Store

    Hey everyone, Looking at buying like a Billabong/Von Zipper singlet and a few other things. Checked my local store and they didn't have much of a range. Does anyone know of some decent online surf clothing stores? I've only found SurfStitch so far.. Thanks for your help.
  2. Slatteryexpress

    Best University in Australia for Agriculture??

    I'm fuming, looks like I'll have to do Agricultural Business Management through distance education (I'm from Wagga). There is no way im moving to Orange. I guess it will make it alot harder?
  3. Slatteryexpress

    Best University in Australia for Agriculture??

    Hey, I'm looking at doing an agriculture related course at university, probably an agribusiness type one. First i thought maybe La Trobe in Melbourne was an option, maybe it was the higher uai entrance needed to get in which seemed more appealing, that it was actually a better course. Recently...
  4. Slatteryexpress

    Best Beer for Girls

    If anyone is interested there is a website www.boozle.com.au where you can find the alcohol products in your area at the cheapest price, worth checking out.
  5. Slatteryexpress

    What did everyone think?

    haha standard deviation was the only thing i didn't know how to do, so i left it. In my assignment i did standard deviation on microsoft word, so i couldn't remember how to do it from the yr 9 maths days. It would of worked out to be lower than 5.4 but do you think that was have much of an...
  6. Slatteryexpress

    What did everyone think?

    Just wondering what everyone else thought of the exam? I thought it was pretty straightforward and loved the questions in Paper 2.
  7. Slatteryexpress

    Simple Ag question

    On the topic of simple questions, was looking at a hsc past paper question and is it was something like outline how two ways an international market could be created, any ideas on how to answer it? Thanks in advance.
  8. Slatteryexpress

    How is everybody's Ag studying going?

    fingers crossed i can blitz it, need to do a bit of study but its still a while away yet.
  9. Slatteryexpress

    Burning Your Stuff!!

    I burnt my mates eyebrows yesterday burning the Tempest, beware!
  10. Slatteryexpress

    Burning Your Stuff!!

    can i post pics of The Tempest going up in flames?
  11. Slatteryexpress

    UAI's, is anyones bellow 90?

    Will be rapt with anything 85+ Fingers crossed
  12. Slatteryexpress

    In The Skin Of A Lion - Critics

    Hey, I've pretty much got my essay planned out, I'm going to be doing a few practice essays tomorrow but I'm struggling to find quotes from critics on post modernism and post colonialism readings for ITSOAL. I was wondering if anyone knew where i can access some quotes or anything like that...
  13. Slatteryexpress

    HSC Advice Line

    More info on here http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/syllabus_hsc/advice-line-2007.html
  14. Slatteryexpress

    I need 85+ - What do you think?

    Hey, I need a UAI of 85+ and my school needs to supply a UAI estimate for me to be considered in the interview process for the course i want to do at uni, I was just wondering if i could give a rough estimate to see if i can get anything above 85. Your help is very appreciated. So here are my...
  15. Slatteryexpress

    GMOs Pros & Cons?

    Would have to agree, the positives seem to far outweigh the negatives. With the introduction of GM Canola this season though, many see contamination of the normal canola with neighboring GM crops as a concern. Also producers are concerned that the premium price for non - GM canola will be lost...
  16. Slatteryexpress

    Where to now?

    So that means summaries then past papers?
  17. Slatteryexpress

    Where to now?

    Thanks, I'm just drawing a study plan up now. I'm thinking a week per subject from next week onwards and this week will be going over the trial exams, what do you think? In that 3 hours or whatever i do a night, should i just be doing past papers and refining my summaries?
  18. Slatteryexpress

    Where to now?

    Okay, so i didn't do all that well in the trials and certainly need to improve for the HSC exams. I was doing a bit of study before the trials but what do i do know there over? How do i structure my study and how do i avoid burnout. I'd just like to know your suggestions on how your going to go...
  19. Slatteryexpress

    Moto GP 2008

    Yeah and how good was that race at Laguna Seca at the weekend, I thought it was definitely one of the better races this year and Rossi did very well to win even though he had the slower of the two bikes. Graney will you be making your way down to Phillip Island in October?
  20. Slatteryexpress

    Indochina from the American perspective

    Hey, Got an assignment tomorrow, just why America entered the war? I know about the Domino Theory and all that, but are there any other reasons to support America's entry into Indochina?