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  1. Pump4393

    Which history questions did you find retarted?

    Cmon, you know there was that one that was worded wrong, or that you didnt get taught, discuss :)
  2. Pump4393

    History MC

    my teacher never said ANYTHING about peackeeping in vietnam or korea, i got the impression that we battled them, nothing else. and i'd heard about peacekeeping in timor, so that was it..
  3. Pump4393

    History MC

    1) east timor YES EAST TIMOR I AM SO FRIGGEN STUPID!!!!!! 2) Statement 1 True Statement 2 False 3)Moratorium Marching also what was the answer to the aboriginal referendum one? i got 20/20 in trials but todays questions just werent my cup of tea haha
  4. Pump4393


    i was going to.. but nah
  5. Pump4393

    Liquid paper on multiple choice?

    theyre worth a quarter of a mark so its actually two marks.. well, they were in the trial. im not sure about in the real thing
  6. Pump4393

    Anything funny happen in the test today? Anywhere?

    i was talking to my friend (girl) who had to go to the toilet so she got followed then the supervisor decided to go to the toilet in the next cubicle, so then she started up a converstion with my friend and friend was like ummmmm wtf! haha more weird than funny..
  7. Pump4393

    Who found the SC Easy?

    Experiment Question i failed because MY BLOODY SCIENCE TEACHER STAND THERE EVERY LESSON, TALKING!!! HE'S DONE ONE EXPERIMENT, ALL YEAR, AND I WAS AWAY *cry's. Then i get outside and all my friends tell me they used their major assignment to fill that question out *facepalm ++ i didnt...
  8. Pump4393

    Story.. Constructive Feedback?

    Yeah i know its long, but im a really quick writer. and its better to write two, i make simple mistakes :S
  9. Pump4393

    Story.. Constructive Feedback?

    Port Antonio, Jamaica. 22/02/08 The white sheet of ocean spray burst up from the coral rock, remained suspended for a short second, dazzling blue highlighted by the sparkling morning sun, then rushed back down to become one with the ocean again. Eddie Guevara calmly waited at the end of the...
  10. Pump4393

    Science Game

    You people are so unbeleivably smart. Jeez i wish i had a good science teacher. The only thing i picked up all year was some big T little T nonsense
  11. Pump4393

    After Exams

    We had our formal long ago so its just a plain old house party for round here (:
  12. Pump4393

    James Ruse Agricultural High

    My science teacher constantly shits on about how the average UAI from James Ruse is 99.3 is he lying or what cuz hes usually over dramatises things
  13. Pump4393

    After Exams

    Hey Guys, School Cert in two days and i was wondering if anyones having an after exam party? I know i am :rolleyes: