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    New Bank account + Roster

    So i recently got a job at woolworths and i got my induction pay 3 days ago, but i realised that i forgot to put my bank account details. I put my bank account details in. How long does it take for the money to come in. I dont know who to call because i only done my induction like 2 weeks ago...
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    The Woolworths Thread

    Hey guys, I recently did my interview at woolies and I got a message and email from woolies saying to upload your right to work, even though I showed it during the interview (which was last Friday). Is this normal at woolies Sent from my XT1092 using Tapatalk
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    O-week Usyd

    Im studying Design Computing at usyd and i have a few questions on O-week 1) It says O-week is from 22-26th, so do are all the days the same and is just one day worth it 2) What do i need for o-week 3) Is it worth buying an access card 4) If youre under 18, what things can you do cos all i...
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    University of Sydney Roll Call 2016

    Bachelor of design computing. So pumped aha
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    atar cutoffs

    The course I want to do has a cutoff of 80.15 or 80.65(the website is saying two different ones). My atar was 81.45, am I guaranteed I'm in the course cos I got above the cutoff
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    Selling HSC and Preliminary Books and EnglishStd Essays(89 Hsc Exam Mark)

    Maths: Cambridge Mathematics Year 11 3unit Extension 1 Enhanced(Author: Bill Pender Condition:Excellent, Never Used: $40 Cambridge Mathematics Year 11 2unit Second Edition(Author:Bill Pender: Condition: Hardly used, corner is abit bent but no writings or rips in the books: $35...
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    Which physics option module??

    Quanta is the best. So fun
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    HSC Physics Marathon 2013-2015 Archive

    re: HSC Physics Marathon Archive Congratulations everyone on finishing hsc physics, I never knew this many people will contribute in the thread but I hoped everyone had fun and learnt along the way. Best of luck for people who have more exams . thanks again for keeping this thread alive
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    General Thoughts: Physics

    Uninstall file atar.exe
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    HSC Physics Marathon 2013-2015 Archive

    re: HSC Physics Marathon Archive a photon is absorbed when the electron moves UP a stationary state.but at the ground state there are no electron wavelengths because n=0
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    HSC Physics Marathon 2013-2015 Archive

    re: HSC Physics Marathon Archive In all my exams I've done, quanta had been the easiest so I finish it first which increases my motivation, then short answers
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    HSC Physics Marathon 2013-2015 Archive

    re: HSC Physics Marathon Archive Quanta,Short answers, MC (
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    General Thoughts: Software Design and Development

    It was generally a good paper, may have got some pseudocode thing wrong and 2mrks from MC and a couple from Paradigms, hoping for a raw 90-92. But I know alot of people who found the exam hard so the cutoff will probs be 86ish
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    2U 2015 Discussion Thread

    What do you think band six cutoff will be.
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    Band 5 cutoff

    In 2011 an 82 gave you an 86, do you think this year's paper was harder than 2011. If so what do you think the band 5 cutoff will be
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    General Thoughts on Paper 2?

    Band 5 wouldn't be in the 60's. I'd say to get an 80, you'll have to get high 60's low 70's.
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    General Thoughts on Paper 2?

    It was fairly easy, just hoping I answered the question properly and hopefully I can get a mid band 5
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    Section 1: the texts weren't hard it was just there wasn't enough time even though I still barely finished Section2: I loved it , worked well with my story. Didn't take long Section 3: it was pretty adaptable to my essay. So overall it was a pretty good exam, hopefully the marking is good aha...
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    Thinking of dropping to standard english

    First hand experience here. I was in advanced but my school forced me down without my approval which I'm still pissed about. Standard English isn't too bad, the modules aren't too hard and are the same difficulty as advanced modules but you have more notes to go of for advanced. But Mod B for...
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    Starting HSC

    Here's some tips I have for the sciences you do(I did bio and phys) - Learn the glossary of key terms like outline,describe,explain etc. I have some good outlines on what each term means and an example question and how to answer it - For the sciences, make sure you make some thorough notes in...