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  1. LuKiN

    software engineering - uts or unsw?

    im going to be doing software engineering at UTS... it is meant to be better partly because you do 2 paid six month internships working in the workforce which gives you experience
  2. LuKiN

    Any1 receive an offer in prelim round?

    Of course I got a prelim offer. I also got a scholarship. UTS: Bachelor of Engineering. It must suck to struggle like the rest of you.
  3. LuKiN

    foreign music

    i like songs in english. gives them more meaning when you know what they are saying, also im racist.
  4. LuKiN

    A god amongst Bosers...

    You suck. Your shithouse defending of gorgo and his godlyness is probably insulting him more than anything else. If gorgo really cared about what playboy2enjoy was saying im sure he could constuct a fluent, presuasive and completely kick-ass essay which would rip him to shreds. But yeah...
  5. LuKiN

    the disappointment thread

    you'll regret it when you are 25 and still working at mcdonalds.
  6. LuKiN

    Wedding Song.

    Pearl Jam - Last Kiss and the ironic bit would be that my wife would die in a car crash on the way home.
  7. LuKiN

    communication problem

    ok. here is what you have to do. Stop calling him and stop making contact with him, if he tries to make contact with you make up some excuse and then hang up on him or whatever. Make sure he doesn't get the impression that you are angry with him. Now here comes the main bit. In a few years time...
  8. LuKiN

    Alright bitaches, help a brother out...

    Egronk... haven't you ever heard of chloroform?
  9. LuKiN

    centrelink payments...

    it sure is
  10. LuKiN

    wat do i say??..

    Sex him, then never talk to him again, ever. OR You could stop being retarted and just say you aren't interested. Guys hate it when girls string them along, almost as much as they hate women who don't do the dishes.
  11. LuKiN

    if ur bf/gf was a player

    if you are considering going out with a player... i think you should. It'll be funny to laugh at you when you start a thread about how you had your heart broken. naaa but seriously... i'm sure you could make him go straight... i mean all those other girls that he played on were ok with him...
  12. LuKiN

    Software Developers View of Hardware - Last Question

    here... look at the shoddy pic.
  13. LuKiN

    Did anyone get MICR??

    did anyone get that question? it was so retarted and so out of the blue. virtually every question in the exam was stuff you could just make up answers to... and then they throw in a question like that. i just wrote "Wtf mate?" and left half a page incase i had time to make something up...
  14. LuKiN

    Coffs Harbour?

    Fool. Do you really think with the sudden influx of a whole load of stupid drunk teenagers there wont be a night life? We will make our own goddam night life. You don't have to be in a club to drink and have fun at night.
  15. LuKiN

    Coffs Harbour?

    bring your piano with you. then at night time you can bring it down to the beach and we can all sit around and sing campfire songs.
  16. LuKiN


    fuck.... looking at those answers... fuck! too many silly mistakes.
  17. LuKiN

    Guess Your Raw Mark

    12 marks i didn't attempt. some others i was slightly uncertain... im guessing about 65 or 66 for my mark
  18. LuKiN

    Q1: Solutions

    agreed. for part f i got 1/2 and -2. the two posibilities are tan@ = |(m1-m2)|/|1+m1m2| and tan@ = |(m2-m1)|/|1+m2m1| swapping m2 and m1 does make a difference. the rest seem pretty correct though
  19. LuKiN

    Best Rock Bands Ever

    wow... im surprised so many people have said pearl jam... i have only met like one or two other people who actually like them. Pearl Jam are gods. but there are plenty of other good bands out there... even recent ones. these are some that come to mind... The Doors Oasis Muse Camel Black...
  20. LuKiN

    Formatted HDD Recovery

    hahaha no my sisters aren't that smart. i bought a new hard drive because my other one was full and im not good at deleting stuff. But i did something wrong with the installation and messed up the filesystem on my old harddrive which meant it had to be formatted to be read as a windows drive...