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    Hey man, I took my time with my degree and had a gap year so I’m in my final year now. Also decided to do honours in philosophy (law doesn’t really have a serious honours program) as well as maths. I’m actually thinking of doing further study at Oxford. But I’m not sure yet.
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    Past papers are a must. For economics, make sure you have your stats good to go and do heaps of practice essays and short answer questions. Above all, do not stress! It will kill your focus. Steer away from that. You must be content with what you know. Good luck! Feel free to PM me if you need...
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    0% in english advanced !?!?!?!??!

    Hey man. To address your questions directly: 1. Entry to EE2 is entirely dependent on your school's rules. They could choose to accept or reject your application based on whatever they like, so unfortunately I can't help you there. (I suggest speaking to your Subject Master/Department Head for...
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    Commerce or Economics?

    Economics is a commerce major at Sydney, so I would suggest looking into that. It means you can transfer into commerce after first year (as long as you maintain a Weighted Average Mark of 65 or above) and most of your units of study will be transferable. Hope that helps, if you have any...
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    how hard is band 6 in biology

    I didn't take HSC Biology but I have studied it at uni and I tutor several students who study it, with one taking Science Extension this year. You can memorise the syllabus and do your practice papers but this won't guarantee a band 6, as has been said elsewhere in the thread. What is necessary...
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    drop out rate in first year

    It really does depend on your degree. A lot of people shift and change throughout their time at Uni. I started in education and have now switched to Science. I tend to find that the more 'math'-y degrees have higher dropout rates, as students find it hard to cope with workloads, etc. In first...
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    General Thoughts: SOR II

    Yes! Christianity short answer was exactly the same! A few differences in mark value, but that's it. I figure I did fairly well. Could have done more with Religion and Peace but eh. I'm just happy it's over. I did either better or just as good as trials, I think. Trials- MC: 17/20 Short...
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    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    Thought it was pretty good. Stuffed up analysis in one of the 4 texts for essay. Science Fiction, btw. Estimates are 21 and 19-21.
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    Australian Curriulum

    Most likely, yes.
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    Marking/Assessment Help- Years 9 & 10

    Hey guys! I'm an English/Religion/Drama/History tutor and the community at Bored of Studies has been really helpful through my years of school, with resources, questions etc. In consequence, I want to give back. If you want some help with work, you need to email me at chrismueller61@live.com...
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    Eh. The exam was easy - could have done better in Section 4/Conflict in Europe, but I'm not unhappy overall. Gave it the best I could.
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    For me... Time: Shakespeare's context but also the timelessness of the play itself Place: Setting. Best argument, in my view, was the play within a play stuff. Talked about how the incest stuff reflects Shakespeare's context with it being a sin in the Christian view, thus corrupting the...
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    Frankenstein/Blade Runner Essay

    How rude of you. My thesis was that ambition is both good and bad. BAD: - blade runner - capitalism reflected through Tyrell - Frankenstein - scientific progress/overly curious etc. Victor's "Unhallowed arts" GOOD: - blade runner - Rory wanting to be human and 'meeting his maker'...
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    Mark predictions!!! (adv.)

    Mod A: 16 Mod B: 15 Mod C: 17 I dunno, though. Depends on the rest of the state :P
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    Urgent- what marks are needed for a Band 5?

    marks are scaled. it depends on how the rest of the state does. But in theory, a Band 5 is the B-range (13-16). If you score a Band 5 it = a B. The performance bands are a weird representation of marks.
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    Theatre Studies?

    Hey guys, I am looking to do teaching at USYD and I want to do English lit and Drama. Obviously usyd is the best for English but what about theatre/drama? Thanks! :)
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    2013 Half Yearlies?

    How did everyone go in the half yearlies? :P I felt I could have done better in some areas, but OK in others. :/
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    Should English be compulsory??

    Yes! It should be! Communication-literacy is very important! And to those of you who are talking about poems and how textual analysis won't help: it does! It improves your critical literacy and it is important to be able to analyse the world around you. What if you decide to go to another...
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    So how much work have you done in your holidays?

    Nope. Not yet. I have to read Frankenstein for Module A and do work on my Ext. 2 major and Drama major though. In addition, I am going to write a Drama essay and do a belonging paper. I don't feel like doing any work. :(