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  1. zentiis

    help with poetic techniques

    juxtaposition??? i'm not too sure...i'm not familiar with the peice.
  2. zentiis

    King Lear Help Plz

    yeah, all copys are 'relatively' them same, minus a word or two differance. If the board of studies was going to specify a particular version we would have been informed and made to study that particular text.
  3. zentiis

    Related Material- Physical Journeys

    I'm using Fight Club [the movie] as one of my related peices of work. ...because it is a highly violent movie, the characters using brutal means to reconnect with themselves. i think with physical journeys movies are a real easy cross-over [as long as they have a decent meaning/theme behind them.]
  4. zentiis

    related texts

    you only need related materials for journeys and telling the truth. They REALLY advise having 2 forms of related material for EACH. but you can cross your related material over. I'm using "fear and Loathing in Las Vagas" the novel for both, "fight Club" for journeys and a Marilyn Manson song...
  5. zentiis

    Old Kingdom Egypt! HELP!!!

    the role of the army is linked in with the role of the king. It is the pharoh/kings 'job' to protect egypt for the chaos and her enemies. The egyptian army was like most other ancient armys, it was there for the defense of egypt. The egyptian army was made up of the kings bodyguards [he had...
  6. zentiis

    How do you study for ancient?

    Generally i just read over everthing and make notes on the things i'm more likely to forget [eg. names of places etc]. for ancient i'm doing: The Old kingdom Pericles as my personality and greece in the time of pelloponnesian war/persian wars. roughly 390bc-480bc