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  1. omigodwhenover

    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    im pretty sure theyre not allowed to give u a lower mark. They either say no change or change it if its higher. Does anyone know this for sure?
  2. omigodwhenover

    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    adv eng 87 general maths 97 (8th) bio 93 legal 92 modern 83* mark recheck pending (please please please)
  3. omigodwhenover

    Official Assessment Ranks

    ADV ENG 3/80 GEN MATHS 1/70 BIOL 1/26 MODERN 1/14 LEGAL 1/21 pretty happy :D i did the survey
  4. omigodwhenover

    No show

    i thought this was happening at my school wen i saw empty desks but soon realised they were all special provisions kids and were in the library. They bring thier exams in after and sit them on their desks so that nothings out of order i think
  5. omigodwhenover

    Section 1 - Law & Society

    i got; 1. A 2. C (pretty sure, as constitutional law is public law) 3. A 4. B (im pretty sure this is tort law, so its grace) 5. A: for this one i considered C&D but decided it was a trick, what do u guys think? 6. C 7. C 8. D 9. B 10.B (really wasnt sure on this one) 11.B (very sure about this...
  6. omigodwhenover

    my multiple choice answers

    shit ur right :( well i got 14/15 then
  7. omigodwhenover

    my multiple choice answers

    all the same as u cept i got D for 5 because although both C and D could have produced this result, D is more likely bcoz its the monohybrid ratio
  8. omigodwhenover

    Predict ur maximum raw mark

    yeh this is probably true come to think of it cuz ive seen sample exemplar responses and theyre way above mine. Im only going off what my teacher marks and he doesnt really have that much xperience
  9. omigodwhenover


    wow well my hall was sooo quiet and the temperature was perfect and i was only disturbed twice by the beams in the roof expanding/contracting. The examiners were really friednly and brought us booklets as soon as we asked. and i just thought it was really cool. I noticed my desk was wonky as...
  10. omigodwhenover

    Predict ur maximum raw mark

    lismore high
  11. omigodwhenover

    Arab-Israeli Question - What did you think?

    i thought it was ok. I think i might have talked about the wrong stuff cuz u guys branched out but i only briefly mentioned the 1956 and 1967 wars in like one sentence. Haha oops. I said it ended the chance of a Palestinian state and led to the huge refugee problem. This camps were then places...
  12. omigodwhenover

    Predict ur maximum raw mark

    Here's what i think i could have got; WWI: 25/25 :) Germany: 22/25 Albert Speer 24/25 Arab-israeli: 22/25 TOTAL: 93% let me stress that thats the MAX not the min lol! Its hard to tell but i feel pretty confident, which is good considering ive stuffed everything else...
  13. omigodwhenover

    So what did everyone think of it??

    soooo good. I was hoping for a foreign policy question for germany, but i coped with the racist polic Q. Did anyone else do that? it seems you all did nationalism. WWI was da bomb, i rekon i could have got full marks. personalities for speer was a good question. And the arab israeli questions...
  14. omigodwhenover

    im F*CKED!

    Re: be optimistic just think, u could get the exact questions u know a little thing abbout. And i like to remind u of a little thing called scaling. Please dont wish for a hard test, that will not be good for me
  15. omigodwhenover

    Arab-Israeli syllabus point

    for pan-Arab nationalism i just sed it strengthened the unity of Arab nations and helped the Palestinians further develop their sense of identity and unity. It was also a major factor behind the 1967 War because of Nasser. For growth of Israel as a nation i just said it meant the Palestinians...
  16. omigodwhenover

    Arab-Israeli syllabus point

    ermm i think the syllabus point is looking at the background to the 1967 conflict, as the 1967 war is the NEXT syllabus point
  17. omigodwhenover

    How did go???

    whyyyyy did you have to tell me that...there goes another sweet sweet mark
  18. omigodwhenover

    On line Study Group

    they wont ask u a specific question on it, but it can be useful in some situations like the one i mentioned. It is in the syllabus under the heading "suggested tasks" which means its not compulsory As for question 20 in 2001 HSC, this question is almost exactly like the question i helped u...
  19. omigodwhenover

    On line Study Group

    ok basically u use them for intersecting sample spaces. The rectangle is the universal sample space and the circles represent the two sample spaces. So say there are 50 people, 37 like chocolate icecream and 41 like vanilla, so how many like both? let A = those who like choc, B = those who like...
  20. omigodwhenover

    tomorrow's exam

    hey evrybodi if u have time tomorrow, circle ur multiple choice on the question sheet as well so when u take it out u can post up ur answers and we can compare plz. Thanks