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    just a question about lectures

    Rolls are legit marked at every lecture in my course :(
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    University offers not in paper?

    If they don't publish it online so I can creep and judge people I will cry
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    HELP !?!? Does hospitality affect my ATAR?

    Hey, just saw this and thought I might add, I am currently studying Oral Health aiming for Dent after, and I dropped chemistry after Year 11 and kept biology, and I also did general maths. Are you aiming for oral health at sydney uni, or somewhere else? If you are aiming for Sydney I would...
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    How do you get into dentistry?

    It depends what university you want to go to. In NSW there is only 1 undergraduate dentistry course, at CSU orange. Entry is based on ATAR or university results and interviews, so you can enter straight from high school. University of Sydney also has a dentistry course however it is graduate...
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    USYD Roll Call 2014

    Bachelor of Oral Health I
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    Got no offer, did I do my UAC application wrong?

    Yea I think eas and regional are only for school leavers so atar would be under 60 still
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    HSC general maths mark 2013

    I got a state ranking in general and i am very proud, I beat 36 000 people. Did you, at anything? I'll be happy to accept your criticism of the subject when you come back with your own top 5 state rank
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    Continue walking 1 hr/day during HSC year?

    In my opinion and personal experience the psychological and physical benefits that walking would give you (including clearing your head and giving yourself a little break therefore increasing your productivity when you return to study after your work), would outweigh the disadvantages of missing...
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    Confusion about ATAR

    +1 As a general rule, most people that do not receive an ATAR or drop out before year 12 are from the lower end of the cohort, and ATARs are calculated from year 7 cohort
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    Need Help ASAP: results check

    Hey remember that form you sign at the end of every exam? Thats what makes it belong to the Board of Studies, read the fine print. There's a cutoff for a reason, doesn't matter if you're 0.35 or 35 off, you are not exempt from the system. There has to be a way to rank people because there needs...
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    Sydney Uni High Achievers Breakfast

    Has anyone else gotten an invite to this or know much about it? I'm not sure why I've been invited, whether its due to my entry scholarship offer, or my ATAR (which was good, but not thatttt incredible that I would be invited on ATAR alone - 96.30). Is it like a sit down thing or standing with...
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    Repeat hsc?

    They can cut off all financial and other support, forcing you to attempt to move out straight out of high school, pay for all the costs associated with uni, an aprtment or something, food, bills, all on your own, 'disown' you from the family, etc etc. I wouldn't expect someone clearly in your...
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    Repeat hsc?

    You obviously don't have awfully strict parents. It's not that easy for some people, sure they can't force you to go to school every day or to do well, but they can make your life bad enough that it's not worth it.
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    Repeat hsc?

    Try to convince them out of it, there's no garuntee you will do better, and even if you do better who says it will be good enough for med? Try transfer or postgrad
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    Bachelor of Oral Health at USYD Help please!

    I'm in same situation as you, we definitely don't find out anything prior to main round, you just have to wait till 16th of January and see whether you get an offer. Good luck
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    Is it possible for a person ranked 2nd internally to get a higher HSC mark?

    I very very suprised at what happened in my school, I was equal second in maths, and state ranked in top 5 (99/100), the girl tied with me came 19th in state and the girl that came first no state rank at all.
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    How many people in each course?

    Thanks very much! repped
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    How many people in each course?

    Is there a way to find out how many people took each exam? Eg how many people in the state did general maths this year?