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  1. Chulbul Pandey

    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    Ok thanks..one more question (to anyone).. for the electrochemical cell question where u had to talk about the collaboration of scientists, was it ok to use the mercury cell as an electrochemical cell, cos I noticed most ppl were using lead-acid cell :/
  2. Chulbul Pandey

    Multiple Choice

    Mine's pretty similar, except for: 7-D --> isn't bromothymol blue green in between 6 and 7.6?? 16-B --> Wasn't the undotted line H2, cos they're are more mols of H2 in the eqn?? So doesn't that make it CO that is added? 17-A --> Had no idea how to do it. Guessed it, knew I'd get it wrong- I suck...
  3. Chulbul Pandey

    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    For the aspirin tablet question, weren't we meant to discard the first titration as a rough estimation??
  4. Chulbul Pandey

    Band 6 Cut-off estimations?

    Wait, for the electrochemcial cell question, I thought we were meant to talk about the cells like mercury cell/diaphragm cell. Aren't lead acid/dry cells galvanic cells..
  5. Chulbul Pandey

    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    YESSS!!! That's what I got, I'm pree sure!! :)
  6. Chulbul Pandey

    Section I – World War I

    OMG!! My thoughts exactly^^ I think that ppl thought the poster aimed at recruitment because since the German nurse wasn't giving the guy water, it would provoke women to enlist so that they can help their soldiers. But that doesn't make sense- why would a German nurse help the British soldier...
  7. Chulbul Pandey

    Band 6 cut off this year?

    Does anybody know last year's cut-off? I reckon this year's paper was harder than last year's- does that mean the cut-off will be lower?
  8. Chulbul Pandey

    Formal Thread (pics, websites, ideas, thoughts)

    Bahaha why are people talking about rape on a formal thread?? XD
  9. Chulbul Pandey

    Section IV - International Studies in Peace and Conflict

    Indochina: I did "Account for the Communist victory" (said something else after that but I can't remember now haha). I thought it was actually okay. Talked about Viet Minh, and how they were superior to the US forces, Tet Offensive and how that led to anti-war protests, and then Vietnamisation...
  10. Chulbul Pandey

    General Thoughts: Modern History

    That's what I got- ransacked means stealing things and damaging, so I think it's the right option
  11. Chulbul Pandey

    Section I – World War I

    What?? really? I put that Germans seem inhumane. what was the women option again??
  12. Chulbul Pandey

    General Thoughts: Modern History

    Most of the sections were ok (Germany was a bit iffy though) but my time management was not too good :( I managed to finish, but I don't think I wrote enough for some of the sections :( AAaah well, no Modern for the rest of my life!! ;)
  13. Chulbul Pandey

    Most Common & Random Forms of Procrastination (2012)

    Biggest procrastination right now= Boredofstudies. Srsly, is there a deactivate button???
  14. Chulbul Pandey

    how hard is it to get 95?

  15. Chulbul Pandey

    French Beginners Exam

    Oh yeah...I've gone on like the atar calculators, and yea...continuers get scaled heaps. if beginners and continuers were to both get 90, the continuers overall would be getting 5-6 marks higher than the beginners :( Oh well, we did our best, and it's over, all we can do is wait and hope 4 the...
  16. Chulbul Pandey

    French Beginners Exam

    Are u sure it scales bad? I used to think that, but a lot of ppl said that all languages scale well :/ Anyways, if ur average is 98, ur probs going to get really good in the HSC too, and any overall raw mark (school assessment + HSC combined) of over 90 will scale up (ok maybe a few will scale...
  17. Chulbul Pandey

    French Beginners Exam

    WOW!! 98?? That is sooo good!! I LOVE French too, for the entire week b4 the speaking exam I used to speak French with my friends. It was soo much fun!! Then after the exam, I was sad that it's over- i wanted to do it all again haha. My average is like 83 haha. I screwed up all my listenings...
  18. Chulbul Pandey

    French Beginners Exam

    I probs won't get any reply to this thread, but how did the French exam go?? I thought it was MUCH MUCH easier than last year's and previous years!! I had no time to check, but that was because I went really slowly. Finished in time though. For listening, I could actually understand at least 90%...
  19. Chulbul Pandey

    Section 1, Part B - Short Answer

    AAAaggghhh!! I did the same thing. Except I wrote the enzyme was polymerase instead of peroxidase (livers have 2 enzymes: catylase and peroxidase). <<What an idiot!!! :( Yeah, my red blood cell was just a circle with another circle in it. Did u label the cell membrane of the RBC?? (I had the...
  20. Chulbul Pandey

    Section 1, Part A - Multiple Choice

    OMG!! That hybridisation question!! I did not get it at all!! I thought 3 of the answers were correct (carrots was obviuosly wrong because the only species is a carrot here), but put D in the end. Not sure if it's right. Anyone know the actual answer, and could u explain please?? :)