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  1. Z

    hot uni people

    pple with small penises, generally have big heads to compensate
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    Post your (mid) 2006 Uni Offers here

    . I CANNOT BELIEVE MY LUCK!!!!! recieving a uai of 93.00 in december, diminished what hope i had of getting into my ideal course: Commerce UNSW (2005 cut-off: 96.00). I resigned myself to leading a career of high level maths (oh dear!) in electrical engineering (my 2nd of 3 prefernces)...
  3. Z

    2005 HSC Exam Timetable - what do u think?

    mine is pretty good. they fit together VERY VERY nicely WEEK 1: ADV ENGLISH PAPERS 1&2 WEEK 2: MATHS 3U. MATHS 4U WEEK 3: PHYSICS WEEK 4: BUSINESS STUDIES, ECONOMICS no more than 2 exams a week woot....although i do finish on the very last day, with economics on 11/11!!
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    HSC Tips - Polynomials

    man..polynomials seems like a topic as tricky as complex numbers... can somone plz provide solutions for fitzpatrick 4u - ex 36c. questions 2 - 10
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    Death of Young Man, NYE 2002

    These aussie pricks had murdered some dude, in front of all his friends. The result was 3 years gaol. By contrast, a gang of lebos not long ago were convicted of raping a couple of gurls, and most end up wif effectively life in prison (one being sentenced to a record 65 years?). Now i...
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    Goodbye, Holy Father

    hero? i meant hero-wannabe
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    Does Gen Maths Scale U Down

    lame lil (true) story: hmm once upon a morning, i walked into my maths lesson and saw a whole lot of odd looking shapes, and formulas on the board. there was this circle, and alongside it - the word "circle". amongst it was the formula for the area of a.... square....... im like: "orr...
  8. Z

    Does Gen Maths Scale U Down

    so many 4u pple in this forum man? get away lol hmm.. its funny how every EXT 2 ENGLISH student you come across, does GENERAL maths....
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    Goodbye, Holy Father

    arrgh shut up u hero
  10. Z

    Wwe Raw Revenge Tour

    isnt it called WWF - world wrestling fed and WCW.... *confused* isnt there this dude called hollywood hogan, and kevin nash? did i miss something guys?!?!
  11. Z

    Accelerated Extension 2 maths?

    is this 12 year old dude from sydney tech?
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    Do you have any part-time job?

    waiter - u can suck up to pple for a bigger tip....i get to serve pple alcohol, and watch them get drunk... macdonalds - the customers give u the shits!! especially the overnight shifts where the queues are the length of the store, and all registers operating.....theres the occasional fights...
  13. Z

    Oakhill 2004 June 4 Unit Exam Here

    ....well next time at least scan it properly dude..
  14. Z

    Coaching rates?

    i tutor business studies for 15... :)
  15. Z

    pros & cons of business studies?

    agreed wif mandy: you can really rote learn the textbook and then go really well in the exam, you have to understand it and be able to integrate your own ideas and conclusions basically s/he is saying business studies is a bullshitting subject.
  16. Z

    pros & cons of business studies?

    i dun see what everyone is so worried about. Business studies is the one EASIEST subject in the world. essentially becoz all the concepts you will come across are strightforward in nature. in fact, doing business studies requires nothing but common sense and a bit of bullshit. its one...
  17. Z

    Sex for the sake of it

    r u sure?.......
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    over 90% in every test?

    interesting, i wonder then i posted this... well, like jackass said a few posts prior, there are some very incredibly smart pple out there.
  19. Z

    Integration via sub question

  20. Z

    over 90% in every test?

    "hacks"? hmm what a jackass! ahaha well perhaps one day, someone smart enough will be able to tap into the official board of studies website and take a peek (secretly) of the year's HSC papers, prior to ur HSC exams....thats an interesting thought... the board of studies website has...