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    How fucking good is snow!
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    Hi, Was just wondering if anyone's heard about the snow (or lack of) that has been happening in Armidale while we've been away ? Apparently they had to close the road for a while, which suggests that it was fairly heavy.
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    Know anything looking for a place to rent and/or wanting to move out of college ?

    OK it's all sorted, I'm moving into a new place on monday! I gave up trying to find someone for here - it also saves a LOT of hastles also. This place is in Short Street (other side of town), not much further tho' - I get two rooms, and my own bathroom for 75 a week - 5 less than I'm...
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    help plz

    whaaa ? What are you doing posting this here! I think you've got the wrong forum buddy - are you even a UNE student ? yes masses should be the same, and do the best with the equipment you have. Dependent variable = Solubility of substance Independent variable = Type of substance used.
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    Know anything looking for a place to rent and/or wanting to move out of college ?

    OK he's going for sure on the long weekend. trace - You've said your lease is coming up August, I've got a 3 bedroom place if you could get out of it earlier than maybe you'd want to move in ? I dunno just a thought.
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    Hibernation partner wanted!

    No promises.
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    Know anything looking for a place to rent and/or wanting to move out of college ?

    Yea I've considered it as an option, I'd really prefer to live in town tho' STILL not sure if my room mate has lost his job or not yet too, it's annoying. I'm going to start putting some ads up.
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    Hibernation partner wanted!

    ahh, I think I've seen you around then.
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    Know anything looking for a place to rent and/or wanting to move out of college ?

    Basically, my room mate is leaving very soon. And what makes it difficult is that I don't know exactly when, so I need someone lined up ASAP. So do you know anyone renting that is looking for a place (or a better place) or anyone that wants to move out of college ? Thanks
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    Hibernation partner wanted!

    hmm, Trace - Do you do chem 110 and Bio110 ?
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    ATTENTION: "trace|element"

    HELL YES. For me - college would be a nighmare to live in all the time. I couldn't stand it. But yeah organising shit for year next might be a good idea, so can get in early etc
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    Arrrghhh I hate myself

    haha, bad timing eh - You seen a lawyer about it all ? It might be worth while My mate got caught 33k over the limit, then got caught AGAIN whilst his licence was suppose to be suspended - he is still driving, no loss of licence or anything as of yet, or any fines I think. He saw a lawyer...
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    ATTENTION: "trace|element"

    ok, thanks for that. Yeah I like where I am too, it's nice and new and clean, close to shops and uni (and is a house, not a unit) so yeah, IF it's possible I'd like to stay here. BTW you don't walk home from uni do you ? I just saw someone that looked kinda like you walking down Markham...
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    ATTENTION: "trace|element"

    hi, sorry to do this to you again. My room mate has recently told he'll no longer have a job after July, so I was wondering, if you're not happy where you're living for whatever reason maybe you'd consider moving, I dunno just a thought as I'll need to move out if I can't find anyone, let me...
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    Where are you all from?

    Coffs Harbour ( Bellingen )
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    How many BOS people you met so far?

    ha, nah I've met no one. In your psych. class ? as in psych 101 ? I do that.
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    hows it going?

    Yeah it's pretty good. Trace; where are you living ? I'm in Markham street.
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    What happens tomorrow ?!

    hehe, but what about us first year-ers
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    old people suck that is all.