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  1. saladsurgery


    what you need to ease your tortured, elitist soul: SLAVE-WHIPPING BLACK METAL!!! ps. banging two bricks together > maynard. now who's being elitist?
  2. saladsurgery


    come on, that's wolfenstein. doom is more like i like metal as much as the next person who likes metal. but it hasn't got its own musical plane. that's silly. you're being elitist.
  3. saladsurgery

    Schapelle Corby

    you'd get a whole lot more bringing it the other way. and if you really wanted to move that much weed, i'm pretty sure you'd want to do a better job of stashing it than just throwing it inside an unlocked bodyboard case.
  4. saladsurgery

    Schapelle Corby

    so hang on a minute. why would anyone smuggle 4 keys of marijuana into indonesia? this just doesn't make sense.
  5. saladsurgery

    Can I Believe In God In My Own Way?

    people like you piss me off. believe what you want, see it all as a binary opposition if you want (i've got my own problems with this, but these are your beliefs, not mine), but at the end of the day, who the fuck are you to tell her what she can and can't believe in?
  6. saladsurgery

    Should Pope John Paul II be made a saint?

    damn right. kept those women priests in their place. preached the evils of contraception in africa. and don't get me started on the queers. meanwhile, pell for pope. ps. some indymedia pope obits: (the first article is much better than the second, imo)...
  7. saladsurgery


    ixnay on the oday i was on the vertigo stand all day, jacked up on sugar and stress stupid printers delivered the first issue 4 hours late :mad:
  8. saladsurgery

    Studying at UTS and Staying at College

    yeah, i was at andrews last year, and i'm doing design at uts. sharehouses are cooler though.
  9. saladsurgery

    Guantanamo Bay

    http://smh.com.au/articles/2004/12/05/1102182135286.html http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/12/05/1102182137777.html
  10. saladsurgery

    Crimes Against Humanity

    wow. i agree with you on three counts in the same thread. this has to be some sort of record. forrest gump. i hate forrest gump. forrest: goes to school. tries his hardest. goes to war when they tell him to, kills a few vietcong. comes home. is a successful millionaire. job well done...
  11. saladsurgery

    ADSL plan help

    i'm with exetel atm. pretty reliable, cheap too. the free downloads between midnight and 8 am are handy, queue up big stuff before you go to bed
  12. saladsurgery

    external hard drives!

    looks like someone's beaten me to it :p
  13. saladsurgery

    The ANZACs... Should we remember?

    for real, pre-emptive strike, let's go
  14. saladsurgery

    Create an Ultimate fucking band!!!

    put richard d. james and tom jenkinson in a room have them fight to the death using only drum machines and record the result yeah.
  15. saladsurgery

    The Official "American Dreams/Our Generation" Thread.

    OCRock! that show makes me want to kill myself
  16. saladsurgery

    Bridget Jones's Diary - Edge of Reason!

    dragged along to it with various friends. cringing the whole way through the prison scene. (ooh look! FOREIGN PEOPLE!!!)
  17. saladsurgery

    chilling out @ UTS

    UTSRock! the loft is especially good during happy hour.
  18. saladsurgery

    external hard drives!

    but i'm not 1337 enough for home surgery! i was thingking something like this http://www.lacie.com/products/product.htm?pid=10383 but i know lacie drives don't come cheap.
  19. saladsurgery

    chilling out @ UTS

    kinokuniya. going in there makes me simutaneously happy (so many awesome design books and crazy magazines!!) and sad (how will i ever be able to afford any of this stuff!?)
  20. saladsurgery

    Firefox 1.0 Released

    couldn't you already do that anyway? :S