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    Fishy Ranks

    Me! I cant access it either. I've tried to log on a few times and it just says "Access to your Students Online account is currently unavailable." I was thinking maybe the server is overloaded? But i dont know.. its annoying though
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    HSC 2018 General Mathematics 2 Exam Thoughts

    I found it pretty good. Like it was easier than expected... the multiple choice was easy and for the most part so was the short answer. The only question that really messed with me was the financial expectations.
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    Yesss mine did. Our perscribed text was Life of Pi. Its all about discoverying and rediscovering. Tbh the paper wasn't bad. I felt like I was doing my trials again. I found the creative the easiest part, the question was really good, but the quote was pretty stupid. Butt that marks for...
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    English Standard Paper 2 [Discussion/Thoughts]

    I was sooo happy with todays paper. I was soo happy with the questions, especially for module A. My perscribed text was Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, and it couldn't have been better. Lol i sort of guessed module B would be about relationships and it was which i was heaps happy about And...
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    What happens if we forgot to add the provided stimulus or quote into our creative?

    Re: What happens if we forgot to add the provided stimulus or quote into our creative You'll just get a lower mark, because using the stimulus is part of the marking rubric. Don't stress out too much about it. It'll be alright. **positive thinking**
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    HSC Stress

    [/B] yea my sleeping is probably a problem...
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    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    I finish the 6th November with studies of religion. After exams imma chill and get onto all the movies and tv shows ive been planning on watching. Oh and might also get a job because why not
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    atar prediction plz :)

    It depends on your marks. Use an atar calculated by entering your raw scores. But that would only give a rough estimate.
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    HSC Stress

    Lol we had 2 trials, but we knew only one set counted, so after the first set we didnt care anymore, but I did better in the second set because I wasnt so focused on my mark. But I also see what you mean Thanks!
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    HSC Stress

    Tbh its better knowing others feel the same. And yea its true if we've gotten through the year nothing different now. Cheers mate!
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    HSC Stress

    Soo it just hit me that the actual hsc exams start in 3 days and I've literally become SOOO stressed and I dont know what to do. On one hand I'm afraid of failing but I feel like I cant remember anything while im doing past papers. But on the other hand I feel soo unmotivated to continue...
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    Human Larynx

    Thank you!
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    Human Larynx

    Hi Can someone please explain to me this dot point: Outline the structure of the human larynx and the associated structures that assist the production of sound. I can't really grasp the concept and its really annoying considering how close exams are... Thanks heaps!
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    They generally use a computer program similar to turnitin
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    Judaism Significant Figure Notes

    Cheers mate!
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    Judaism Significant Figure Notes

    Hello, Does anyone have notes or information about Judaism Moses Maimonides? Anything about his contribution to Judaism for SOR II depth study? Because even after studying him in class and going over my notes I still feel like I know nothing about him except that he wrote the 13 articles of...
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    AOS: Discovery - Life of Pi Notes

    Hey guys, Does anyone have an analysis of Life of Pi the film based on the idea of discovery? Because I'm so stuck on my notes. Any help would be amazing Thanks! Yasmine :)