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    last question...i swear

    We did the chicken wing thing too... but I think the prac specific to what your talking about relates with the one where we dropped a weight on some foam and something else but I cant remember what the other material was... :( sorry dude.
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    Star Sign vs Studying

    i am a leo and I have been studying a fair bit... got into a routine however, do have my days where I question my actions! Determined, strong willed however, not confident at all and far from creative! And just quietly... I want to do well to show some true colours... :o)
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    Anyone else doing Aboriginal Studies?

    Hey Guys! Just interested in getting chatting to other students studying Aboriginal Studies. I am currently doing it via distance education and rarely get to talk to other doing it. So if anyone is interested in chatting whether it be about the course or anything at all. Drop me a line! :)
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    Trials - Review, how have your exams been so far?

    Well.. had my first exam today... like usual unsure how i went.... but not looking forward to science tomorrow.... or the rest of them in fact! I studied my arse off all holidays and and I studied hard on the weekends and and in the afternoons.... and now, the day before my exams.. i continue...
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    holiday workshop at newcastle uni

    hey guys.. just wondering if anyone who attended the standard english uni workshop on tuesday 8th of july, could email me at twinkles_85@hotmail.com ... especially if you were the person who wrote the "nothingness" piece. :o) Cheers guys..
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    If you could change 1 thing about school what would you change?

    the heavies of our school are on power trips... show complete lack of support and respect for us... no wonder we can't wait to leave!
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    Fave author?

    Highly recommend anything by Jodi Piccoult. I have read 'Keeping Faith' and 'Perfect Match'.... awesome stories! Just wish studying didn't take so much of time, so I could read her other books. :)