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    sept 11 see you there??

    hey there im doing italian continuers and our speaking exam is on the 11th of sept..... buona fortuna! see ya there
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    i currently got my certificate 1 in tourism we had our graduation 3 nights ago... only bout 5 of us passed... oh i passed with a distinction as well... :)
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    When's ur last HSC paper??

    my last exam is on the 5th november: italian continures.... :(
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    Anyone in year 11-12 have a job / if so what job /?

    ok i think i have like the worst job ever.... i work at the pizza hut call centre....4nights a week "will that be pik up or delivery?"
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    2004 Yr12 Formal

    we are having our formal at Curzon Hall i think its like a castle... near maquarie uni!
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    On another note, jersey names.

    i wanted "Cheeky_Wog_4_U" but my deputy pricipal thought it was discrimantion??? so now im stuck with "Cheeky_4_U"
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    Interracial relationships

    half cast.... Well reading wat u all have written i think i have the most interracial experience out of everyone... and if anyone has had the same problems as me...let me know Aiight...my mum is greek my dad is italian which makes me half greek half italian.... My boyfriend is from...
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    Overseas Destinations

    well ive been to italy for a month and had the most amazing time also been to vienna austrai for 2 days... really cold at the time... nxt yr in may going to india with my boyfriend... my best friend lives in brazil wants me to go stay with her for awhile ... maybe in 2 yrs time like to go to...
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    supp material telling stories

    lol...ok i probaly confued the hell out of you i am doing henry lawsons selected stories for the module "telling stories" and i need other material of any genre that relates back to one of the other stories,.... any sense if not dont worry? lorina
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    supp material telling stories

    Hey There Need supplementary material for telling stories to relate back to henry lawson... Any ideas will be must aqppreciated Thanx Lorina
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    Dream Job

    My dream jobs 1. Flight Attendent 2.Crise Director on a big cruise... P&O or something 3. Own my own night club lol... nah travel guide in europe...
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    telling stories... henry lawson

    Hey There More help needed!! I need material on telling stories maybe a song of sum sort to relate back to one of henry lawsons stories... Any ideas Thanks... Lorina P.S I have lots of notes on henry lawson if u need just ask... ill post them up asap...
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    Realating diffrent material to Cosi and inner journey...

    Hey There Im kinda stuck a little i need help so i thought id ask! Since we are all in this together... I need to think of diffrent materials to relate back to cosi and to inner journey as well... So far i have "hero" by mariah carey "lunig picture" by lunig newspaper article...
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    Yes tourism is hell easy.... drawing on maps with atlases seriously... lol...omg guess wat my tourism class is going to the novatel hotel in darling harbour for half a day and a night staying over... VERY XCITIDED AND CANT WAIT... OH AND NOT COZ OF THE COURSE...LOL...
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    real men dont dance huh?? then wat do they do....you wanna fill me in on dat.... you know wat actually i dont care wat u think...u are entitled to ur opinion....
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    flight attending

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    i am a female...wats wrong my boyfreind wants to go to salsa lessons and automatically we or he is gay?? hahahahhahaha how shallow could u seriously go.... honestly....
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    i have to agree with u the salsa is sooooo sexy....my boyfreind wants us to go get classes together.... so maybe im going to have to take him up on the offer....lol....
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    flight attending

    hehehehehehehe....i am tall actually and also have long arms...lol.... :P