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  1. J

    Multiple choice

    Yay that's about 17-18. But I made a stoopid mistake on the last Q and my brain completely skipped the hire/own skates and it just chose B. Also how I thought about 4 -- probably the easiest question, I chose D, just thought that'd most likely be one of those sites that have useless adds and...
  2. J

    Anyone have the IPT paper

    No no. I don't think he does.
  3. J

    HSC2005, i need answers

    Thanks for the answers DekarTyphon :cool: No they are not the answers, thats the marking guide with comments on how people went and common mistakes made. Perhaps reading the entire document and not just seeing the multiple choice answers will allow you to make a useful post next time.:p
  4. J

    Ipt Hsc Exam 2006

    Yes this exam is actually hard. <EDIT>So that's a 10. <EDIT> Been doing past papers from the success one book and I'm not looking to good. Don't know any answers to those Q's but I'm doing Transaction Processing dealies and Multimedia. Though we did DSS as well. As for what I would do up...
  5. J

    IPT Qs! help mee, and help urself revisee =D

    Most has been answered, but to just add a bit. LCD's (or maybe it's plasmas or something) have to be viewed front on. ie. image distorts when not viewed directly in front. Not sure what the question is but participants are the people who develop and contribute to the...
  6. J

    HSC2005, i need answers

    nar, they don't have a new edition out. Still 2004-2005 Edition - ie. papers 2001-2003 and they threw in 2004.
  7. J

    Primary Industries

    Yeh. I filled both books. But decided to write very small because the other people in my class only write about 2 pages max for each Q. But I managed to do both Q's properly, reckon I'll get 14/15 for both. The thing is I've got a assessment of about 97-98 and the drop to second is about 60-70...
  8. J

    Want to compare multiple-choice answers?

    awww piss. Damn. Thanks for the explanation.
  9. J

    Want to compare multiple-choice answers?

    Wanted to be smart and tell everyone they were wrong for #7. But as i read that had already been done. Answer is C = 0.6N. Have to use pythagorus theorum to find diagonal length, no just a simple sub in as everyone else is saying it's D. THE ANSWER FOR 7 IS C
  10. J

    Dumb Q2Q

    yep. Just say: ----- Proton UUD 2/3e + 2/3e -1/3e= 1 ----- Neuton DDU -1/3e - 1/3e + 2/3e = 0
  11. J

    Question 2 of multiple choice

    WTF, what a simple question. Yeh others are trying to be retards <yar it's A> and their doing a good job. But yeh it's a tangent so it's obviously B.
  12. J

    The projectile motion question

    Yay, got it right too, all of them. Just refined/ learned properly how to do this morning. Woo hoo :P
  13. J

    The most tragic mistake ever... or something very clever ?

    It is 45ms-1 but the question should be phrased as -----> "State the horizontal component of the projectiles velocity just before it lands." But you shouldn't try to think of it your way because that's not a practical question. This question was a gimmy.
  14. J

    Geostationary Orbits (Q17)

    YAY. I did basically all the forces mentioned except of about the one being perpendicular. Talked about the allowed angle of re-entry --- when bounces off, burns up etc. Another one to add to the list is using parachutes to slow it down --- either on the runway, or landing in the ocean.
  15. J

    Length contraction???

    Yay, i got it right. Got 0.3m. You had to find m0, instead of mv.
  16. J

    Primary Industries

    Hey there might not be too many of us but how did you think you went? I thought it was alright, but there was some stupid communication question with the employee that was downright stupid/lame/gay/retarded/shit that what i felt had nothing to do with PI. The last Q's were also a bit different...
  17. J

    Lenz's Law

    Nope just means it's parallel.
  18. J

    2006 Neap Trial

    I don't have it but if you need other papers to practice have a look here http://www.boredofstudies.org/mirror/2004/James%20Ruse%20Physics%20Trials/
  19. J

    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    Loved it, as much as you can love english. SOoooo much easier than paper 1. Simple, no twists, easy as. Though other people at school didn't like it as much as the first, what's with them??????
  20. J

    A Text For Tomrrow

    Yeh, or you could just use an interview. But yeh if it worked in your trial. You should have had one for your trial.