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    French Extension

    I do Marius and Jeannette. I agree, some of the questions in the first section were so random! I was like "Whaaa...?" when I saw the question on how women were portrayed in the film. So I just made something up on the spot. :) Did anyone else think the extract was a bit long? I guess it was...
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    pimples? formals?

    What exactly do you mean by some pimples? If it's really affecting you then please see a GP/dermatologist. They can give you advice and prescriptions for effective medication. My advice: -cleanse twice daily with a basic cleanser e.g. Cetaphil, Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser (not one that is...
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    needing help with moral decay!!!!

    Well obviously you've already done your trials, but I'm bored so I thought I'd answer anyway. Please note that these are totally off the top of my head. Moral decay in The Big Sleep: Eddie Mars directs his hitmen to threaten, beat up and even kill people to protect his own interests. He is a...
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    The Real Inspector Hound!!

    We're still working on The Real Inspector Hound. Yay! Last text! I'm actually enjoying it, which is a suprise considering how much I couldn't stand TSBTS and therefore crime fiction in general. We had to make notes on some theatre terms. I thought they might be useful to someone. :) So how is...
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    Importance of hospo trial paper...

    I'm pretty sure that's incorrect. I was under the impression that you only do the Hospitality exam if you want a UAI. Heaps of people in my class aren't doing the HSC exam because they don't want a UAI.
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    Importance of hospo trial paper...

    Yes, it is true that your Trial mark does not count towards anything, it would only count if you were unable to do the HSC exam. I'm not sure about ranks? Because the only mark from Hospitality that goes towards your UAI is your mark from the HSC exam.
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    complaints about 2007 trials timetable

    We did get three drafts of the timetable, but that was just so students could check and make sure that none of their exams clashed. BUT we didn't get our official timetable until Thursday of the week before Trials, which started on Wednesday! :burn: So annoying.
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    Crime Fiction - Quotes from The Big Sleep

    Here's some more quotes, I hope they're useful to someone. :) “So you’re a private detective. I didn’t know they existed, except in books. Or else they were greasy little men snooping around hotel corners.” Vivian to Marlowe. “It comes complete with diagrams on page forty-seven of “How to...
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    United Nations as Peacekeeper, anyone?

    I go to Cheltenham Girls. There's four modern classes - two are doing Conflict in Europe, one's doing Anglo Irish Relations, and my class (15 people) is doing the UN. :) Yeah, it's true that it's not a very popular topic. I don't know why, it's really interesting!
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    United Nations as Peacekeeper, anyone?

    Hey! Just wondering if there's many people here who are doing United Nations as Peacekeeper for Part IV. I really love this topic so far. I would die if I had to another world war... that'd be so boring! For the Trial exam (next Thursday) we're only answering a question on Section 1, because...
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    Unfair advantage???

    I don't think it's "cheating" at all! Besides, people can change their minds alot between Year 10 and Year 12. My mum's a doctor, and she didn't do a single science subject at school. It was only about halfway through Year 12 when she decided that she wanted to do medicine. So yeah... plus...
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    Antony and Cleopatra - being performed anywhere?

    Yeah, they still do. For example: http://www.bellshakespeare.com.au/
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    Antony and Cleopatra - being performed anywhere?

    I really want to see a live performance of Antony and Cleopatra. Does anyone know if it's playing anywhere in Sydney at the moment/this year? Thanks!
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    Subjects you wish you DID do

    Yeah I sort of wish I had done the IB! It seems more interesting than the HSC... oh well. I can't do anything about it now. But terms of subjects... maybe Italian Beginners? Two languages, that would have been cool.
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    ext english

    No. You have to be studying Advanced English to do Extension. Also, to study Extension in Year 12 you have to have studied it in Year 11.
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    What's Your Common Room like?

    Hmm... It is non-existent. :(
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    French Continuers half yearly!!

    Ooh I just looked at your profile and you do French Ext! I have my half-yearly for Ext on Friday. Joy! Are you doing Marius and Jeannette? How are you finding it?
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    French Continuers half yearly!!

    Hi! I had my exam today. Two and half hours fulled with French goodness! Anyway, for French I never know how/what to study either. Our exam was technically on units 1-7 from our textbook (Tapis Volant 3), cos that what we've done this year. Umm... I guess look over your textbook and...