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    Quanta 6 marker

    I talked about how de Broglie used Planks quantisation idea but with particles having wave like properties...hope that was right
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    Choosing the right uni...

    hhmmm...so computer science seems like the better choice...How many of those specialised fields can i chose (like robotics, game design, networking, etc.) ? Also, Why is the UAI for computer science at USYD so low compared to UNSW(around 76 I think) thanks
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    Choosing the right uni...

    I'm interested in doing computer science as well but am struggling to pick the right course (or even the right uni...) but am thinking of doing Computer Science at UNSW. I'm tossing up between computer science and the new computer science/digital media combined degree course (I think that's...
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    Flux = zero, minimum, maximum?

    Greatest change in flux when parallel to magnetic field...basically, flux = BASin@ (@=angle between plane of coil and magnetic field) therefore change in flux is the derivative (rate of change if you do maths) df/dt = BACos@ (where f=flux )
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    Electrically, a conductor has the least resistance, followed by semiconductors and insulators having the highest resistance. This is a direct consequence of their relevant band structures: -Conductors have their valence band and conduction band very close to each other (almost touching)...
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    you 'complete the square' with the y terms in one side and then square both sides so you only have one 'y' as the subject
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    wa Q6 c (i) & (ii) both (p+q)Cq or something like that?
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    How Hard Was Tht?

    Usually got around 80% for just about all the past papers (2000-2007) and i just screwed this one up...max i'll get is 75% probably...*prays for at least a 70% ...and i do Ext.2 :(
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    did any 4u students find this paper hard?

    yes i fu*ked that test as well :( so many mistakes and stupid shit i did would loose me so many marks :( and then of course the time constrain.... Would probably get 70% :( there goes my band 6 :(
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    Re: What did you think? i wrote theat 'b' signifies the currents velocity....does that still count?
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    Post up marks for each qustion.

    god if these marks are 'real' prediction Im seriously starting to worry...my max marks will be: 1)15 2)15 3)12 4)7 5)12 6)7 7)8 8)0 Total= 76 :)
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    question 7 + 8

    Q7 a (the probability one) I had no freakin clue!!! but managed most of the rest...But didn't even attempt Q8. Had like 10 minutes and just skimmed over the questions and it seem too difficult so went back to the questions I skipped before(and got the answer for the 4mark integration I couldn't...
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    Estimate your raw mark

    Maximum marks I can get is 77/120 considering all the questions I was able to do...so take away at least 5 or so marks for silly mistakes and what not and I'm probably hovering about 70/120 ... hopefully that enough for a low E4(at least a 90%) or ill even be more than happy with a mid to high...
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    oh shit! stupid me should have done more practice....I thought the car moves around anticlockwise turning left when its clearly meant to move clockwise turning right(like the banked tracks in cycling) now it makes sooo much sense...god im stupid i guess the mods can close this thread now
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    yes but isn't this centripetal force(mv^2/2) the sum of all the forces acting on the mass horizontally? ie. F<------- + N<----- = <---------mv^2/2 thus -FCosA + -NSinA = mv^2/2 ?
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    but why is net force zero? shouldn't it be like circular motion where the netforce is radially inwards of (mrv^2)/r ?? So the F and N forces should add up to = (mv^2)/r ??
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    During reading time

    Wat i do now is look over all the questions starting from Q8 and note down any qestions that seem difficult (usually those seemigly impossible integration and M.I questions for me) in 8/7/6.Then just skim over the rest mentally thinking of which qestions i should not try and wast too much time...
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    For some reason i cant seem to get my head around this simple circular motion/ banked road question.... 2001 Q6 a:\ A road contains a bend that is part of a circle of radius r. At the bend, the road is banked at an angle α to the horizontal. A car travels around the bend at constant speed v...
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    what are your raw marks for past papers

    Iv been getting just under 80% for just about all of em...Usually 75-80% hopefully that's enough for an E4
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    $100 if you can answer this question.

    I'm guessing air resistance would be measured in Newtons (or the likes) since its a resistive 'force'