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  1. The Brucemaster

    Islam and the Middle East

    Don't worry, Shboul usually takes a little while getting stuff on to WebCT. We haven't even got our essay topics or due dates yet so just chillax.
  2. The Brucemaster

    Islam and the Middle East

    I'm not sure if you have to do Arabic if you're just majoring in ARIS but I know you have to do a couple of years if you're going to do honours. You should be able to find some info on the Department's website (go to Usyd website, then Faculties>Arts>ARIS).
  3. The Brucemaster

    Does God exist?

    The reason the Bible reads poetically is because it wasn't originally written down, instead it was transmitted orally. Making it poetic enabled it to be more easily remembered and therefore accurately transmitted. In Jewish tradition much of Jewish Law (halacha) was originally transmitted orally...
  4. The Brucemaster

    All local students, Attention!!

    I've only ever had one problem with an international student in an Arabic class. Her English was poor enough, so I have no idea what she was thinking trying to learn Arabic.... On that note, WAF why do you the Shahada in your signature??
  5. The Brucemaster

    Islam and the Middle East

    I've done a couple of subjects in this area and am hoping to major in it (which means I do a couple of years of Arabic too). I've found it to be fantastic, the lecturers really know their stuff and the tutorials always have the potential to be very informative and stimulating (it will depend...
  6. The Brucemaster

    Where is Ralph's cafe?

    Yeah the prices at Ralph's are worth it I say. Food at Manning isn't anything special but those toasted rolls at Ralph's are quality. Considering also that a bowl of crap pasta at Manning is about $7 with an Access Card and most of the rolls at Ralph's are less than that I'll take Ralph's any day.
  7. The Brucemaster

    Dude, Theatresports

    Fuck that Opera was good.
  8. The Brucemaster

    first year - extra UoS??

    Why is this so complicated? You drop a subject in Sem 1 and pick up Chinese and then you drop Philo for Sem 2 and continue with Chinese. If you don't want to drop a subject in Sem 1 then you don't do Chinese.
  9. The Brucemaster

    Semester I Chatter Thread (2007)

    Re: Semester I 2007 - Chatter Thread! Textboox exchange is awesome if they have what you're after. Arts chicks - definitely the hottest.
  10. The Brucemaster

    im gay

    It depends if your friends negative views are serious or if they're just schoolyard banter. I remember at my school we would joke about anything and everything but it somehow managed to actually increase the bond between everyone. For example, we would play basketball most lunchtimes and teams...
  11. The Brucemaster

    B...b...b...Beachball 07

    There's a cloak room on the second floor, it's $2 for the night.
  12. The Brucemaster


    You could also just do an Arts degree and choose Philosophy subjects.
  13. The Brucemaster

    Post Your Timetable!

    Here's my bitchin' timetable. The Arabic Tute on a Thursday night initially seemed annoying but now that I have discovered the wonders of Manning it's rather convenient.
  14. The Brucemaster

    Where did all the stalls go!

    I don't think you need an access card to join anything, it just means you have to pay a $37 admin fee. I think I've already saved more than my access card cost in one day by avoiding the admin fee so lesson = buy an access card.
  15. The Brucemaster

    Where did all the stalls go!

    Yeah you need to join SU Sport first and when you fill out the form for them make sure to put Ultimate Frisbee down. You'll need a sginature from one of the UF guys so just come down to the Oval behind Manning at 4pm Thursday and talk to the guys there and they'll sort you out. I must warn you...
  16. The Brucemaster

    Where did all the stalls go!

    Yeah I'm pretty sure you can join any of the societies at any time. Just find out how to contact them and they'll tell you what to do. I know I'll be signing up to Ultimate Frisbee this Thursday arvo!
  17. The Brucemaster

    o7 access card benefits & showbags..

    Don't know if you can still get a showbag but there's heaps of discount vouchers for all kinds of places - greater union, urban eyewear, greenwood and heaps more. There's some stationary in there too and a can of that new Mother drink. Oh and grk_styl, yes the Access Card is only $99 but when...
  18. The Brucemaster

    Maxine McKew for Bennelong

    What are you on about? A prominent person is contesting the Prime Minister's not-so-safe-anymore seat and you're saying the ABC is biased because they're reporting that? You certainly are naive - the media in general are simply pro-sales, that's the long and short of it.
  19. The Brucemaster

    Does God exist?

    Geezer, if God created autonomous beings, giving us choice, then he is not omnipotent. If God is omniscient then he would have known that Eve was going to eat the apple and thus create original sin, thus God is in fact more morally culpable than Eve is for all sin (assuming of course that God...
  20. The Brucemaster

    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official A-League Thread. You are correct but what do you mean two Italian faggots? I thought there were far more than that...