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    Hey! WAYS OF THINKING: AFTER THE BOMB- I'm an English Extension 1 student who has consistently been getting 23/25 for the essay portion of the course. I usually shape my paragraphs around context and tend to weave the text throughout the paragraph. I only use around one or 2 textual...
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    ATAR estimate please! :)

    Hey, so I would really appreciate an ATAR estimate. I need an 85, is this possible? SCHOOL RANK: 168 PDHPE- 1/41 (2B6S) LEGAL STUDIES- 1/58 (1B6) SOR 1U- 4/14 (2B6S) ENGLISH ADVANCED- 8/46 (7B6S) EXTENSION ENGLISH 1- 2/12 (8B6S) Person who is first beat me by one mark BUSINESS...