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  1. thesoftparade

    Anyone into photography?

    Those photos are garbage. Even "accidental photography" is a stretch.
  2. thesoftparade

    9/11 an inside job

    Re: Israel–Gaza conflict The West Bank is just the beginning. Think of it as the prequel. I'm surprised the Israelis haven't yet seen in the Gazans an exploitable (and disposable) labour force. If you're going to kill them, you might as well go about it more efficiently. I don't know what...
  3. thesoftparade

    Israel–Gaza conflict

    It's pretty ironic how the holocaustees are now the holocausters. That is really actually shit funny.
  4. thesoftparade

    Muslim cleric says its OK to rape your wife

    A Commentary on The Quran, Sura 4 Verse 34 by Dr. Ahmad Shafaat
  5. thesoftparade

    2009 Main Round cut-offs

    Will exchange cut-offs for oral sex. 429026 609320 600023 602070 609345 <3
  6. thesoftparade

    Hey mate, could you please email me the cut-offs? My email is entsprungen at gmail dot com...

    Hey mate, could you please email me the cut-offs? My email is entsprungen at gmail dot com Cheers buddy, -b.
  7. thesoftparade

    4 Multiple Choice

    B, according to our Head Teacher. Then again, I don't have much faith in her.
  8. thesoftparade

    UAC educational access scheme

    Also note that there are two EAS methods, depending on the university: The allocation method (where the uni sets aside a number (say 10%) of its places for access students and it accepts those closest to the cut-off within 5 or 10 points). The bonus points method (where the uni adds the extra...
  9. thesoftparade

    Anyone into photography?

    Woopwoopwoop! Let's keep this thread active.
  10. thesoftparade

    My IP Performance Character is a Paedophile - is this problematic?

    Hmmm... There's nothing to graphic and I never explicitly state that I am one - I can't imagine many do - but I do have romantic interactions with an invisible person who is waist height. If the markers say anything, maybe I can just say she was a midget? Hmmm...
  11. thesoftparade

    OnStage Performances 08

    Very reminscient of Woody Allen's standup, I thought.
  12. thesoftparade

    What's your film about?

    1. How many primary characters will you utilise? One. 2. Where is your film set? Suburbia and the CBD. 3. What is the overall tone of your piece? Do you use any particular style of film, eg. noir, western . . . It varies considerably throughout. Overall I'd say it'll be 'off-beat'. 4...
  13. thesoftparade

    Why did you break up with your last ex?

    I walked in on him sucking off another guy. He was always telling me how he felt gayer by the day (so much for my abilities as a girlfriend), but I never really believed him/took it literally. Funnily enough, I've only been with girls since we broke up.
  14. thesoftparade

    World Orgasm Day...

    Same here! Argh, 33mins left, hope I make it in time.
  15. thesoftparade

    Why did you break up with your last ex?

    Their androgynousity is a bisexual's dream.
  16. thesoftparade

    Last movie you've seen?

    Layer Cake
  17. thesoftparade


    What do you guys think of playing roles for the opposite gender. Do you think a male could pull off "The Vagina Monologues" or a girl to pull of Simmonds from "The Removalists"?
  18. thesoftparade

    Surgery to restore virginity. Would YOU do it too?

    I don't see the need for an "I'm not religious" option.
  19. thesoftparade

    Irp Survey: Anorexia. Please Do =]

    I am a: boy girl I am: 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 I have a reasonable knowledge on anorexia: true false I know someone with anorexia: true false I have experienced anorexia: true false I am experiencing anorexia: true false The cause of anorexia is Media, Family, School, Friends...