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  1. launcher169

    Augustus/Julio Claudians...??

    Damn....i didnt realise the change..... You guys are heaps lucky...we had to do all of it...not that it was so bad...Rome was one of the better topics but still :mad1: why is it that after i do the exam, they make the course easier?
  2. launcher169

    Caesar's military activities?

    The major source that you would have to use for this time period is Caesar's own account of the Gallic Wars. You would also have to moderate the inherent bias with accounts from Plutarch, etc But what actually happened was that Caesar moved into the original roman territories (pre gallic...
  3. launcher169

    Nero's reign after Agrippina

    Essentially, the latter years of Nero's reign, specifically after Agrippina's death, was a gradual decline in to Chaos. The first couple of years of Nero's reign, he was advised by Seneca and Burrus, and Agrippina was a moderating influence on him. After her and Burrus's death, and Seneca's...
  4. launcher169

    Heil Hitler

    ok what i mean about the weinmar republic is how they responded to the various challenges presented to them by hitler, by the hyperinflation, by the treaty of versailles. there are many factors' to hitler's rise.....and once he had assumed power most of his policies were going to be...
  5. launcher169

    Heil Hitler

    lol its good that people are talking about him....we as a society can see what has happened and unlike hitler, who did not learn from previous mistakes (napoleon invading russia) we can learn from the mistakes that were made by the weinmar republic to let a man such as hitler into power btw...
  6. launcher169

    MPC Question.... i got no idea!! Help Plzzzz!!!!

    ok the answer to this question is 25 million because of the multiplier.... 1/1-MPC so when there is an increase in investment of 10 million, the overall effect in the economy is 1/1-0.6 => 2.5*10 million = 25 million
  7. launcher169


    actually i would disagree....yes while focusing on augustus is a must for anyone studying this period....having a look at claudius and perhaps nero is also a good thing to do.... my advice would be to go over the key relationships in each emperor's reign....e.g. senatorial reforms, foreign...
  8. launcher169

    Question cant do

    yeah i agree...you wont get that sort of question in the HSC....chill
  9. launcher169

    Are transfer payments injections?

    what about the mulitplier effect, see as the rich will most likely save or invest the extra money that they earn from paying less tax, indirectly that will affect aggregate demand through investment spending however, if this money is redistibuted through the welfare system to the poor (note...
  10. launcher169

    Marius and Sulla?

    whoa....a tad late....but yeah i do know stuff on Marius and Sulla....if you ask me specfic questions....i will answer them
  11. launcher169

    How did augustus gain and maintain his constitutional position? (revamped)

    well i dont think i need to add anything to what has been said....other than good job! lol :P
  12. launcher169

    ancient history essay help

    there are several ways you can answer this question....either chronologically or topically...or even both if you play your cards right topics you would have to include....Augustus's relationship with the senate his relaitionship with the army, the provinces, with the roman population (the...
  13. launcher169

    Career Advice?

    I have to agree with Nekkid....i am also doing a B Economics majoring in Economics and Marketing....What do you guys think my career prospects are....most likely in a marketing firm, or perhaps in the marketing dept of a major corporation. What do you guys think?
  14. launcher169

    QMA sucks #####

    hell no....QMA sucked....but i think i passed so thats good enough for me
  15. launcher169

    QMA sucks #####

    well i see that the QMA sucks thread came alive......i wonder why....LOL
  16. launcher169

    pls help me out in clarifying "political reform"??

    what you have mentioned does cover the topic, like with ancient egypt....religion is politics :P
  17. launcher169


    yeah but like i asked my teacher last year about this...and he said while im generally right about it....the area of augustus and the julio-claudians is just covering that time period....cause you cant call augustus a julio claudian, cause he was of julian heritage, while the rest of the...
  18. launcher169

    Uni Marks..

    damn thats harsh....i mean over 50 should = pass
  19. launcher169

    Oral presentation on nature of competition in main market structure

    yeah u will definetly do over this if you do commerce/eco at uni anyway... perfect competition is an unreachable model...there is no real example of this model in the real world. it main characteristics include: - small and many amount of firms which are basically identical in look -...
  20. launcher169

    Uni Marks..

    i thought that if you made enough marks to get above 50 and passed the finals you get a pass