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    Favourite band(s)

    these are the artists im listening 2 at the momment. Alexisonfire Trapt Millencolin Rammstein Unwritten Law Queens of the Stone Age Papa Roach AFI Blink 182 The Music Bob Marley Yellowcard Matchbook Romance Shihad Deftones Manntis NOFX Nightwish Lionel Ritchie The Butterlfy...
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    civil engineering opportunity program

    yeh i got a call from UOW about being accepted into mining engineering, because my UAI was what they asked for but my maths was a bit short im being enrolled in a maths enabling course while i do my studies
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    What UAI did you get?

    i only got an 80.55 but i knew before HSC that i was accepted into UOW for mining engineering so im still pretty happy
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    Who will continue with this field

    i wanna do mining engineering at woolongong or UNSW i got a provisional entry for UOW all i need is a 72 in maths
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    General Thoughts on 2005 Examination

    yeh that was the first thing i did, it was 50kw of power for the truck just goin up the hill and 350kw of power left for the slabs
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    General Thoughts on 2005 Examination

    yeh i got the VR at 4 and 25 except i got 8 slabs for the truck, i worked out how much power and empty truck took and then minised that from 400Kw then worked out how much power each slab took and yeh worked out exaclty at 8 slabs. was it just me our was that first drawing shit hard? it...