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    [Option Topic] Software Developer's View of Hardware

    SDD view of the Hardware! 6marker... DA FUCK?... i didnt have a clue what that was about!!! shit question for 6marks ay. I just tried to pull off about 4 marks by crappin on 4 a page!
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    left early? WTF?

    i finished with 10mins to spare... All those fkn Pseudocode questions... that 4 mark one threw me i got lost in that.. so i just left it to half a page ahha.... i hope i get 2-3marks just actually doing the question haha. It was a fair exam but a gay 1 = boring :D WOHOOOOOO FINISHED
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    sports medicine

    i did what parko did, haha and emphasised on Hot packs being beneficial for muscle recovery and using it b4 a perfomance as well as the cold pack thing... but as i said the server crashed and i lost my response haha
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    Question 21 exam thoughts

    For ZZZ, i did ZZZ+amount because i didnt think the data was specified as numeric, but and it didnt call the function again afterwards. I knew it would cause an error tho
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    rate of skill acquisition????????

    yeh sorry ... i forgot to say "except the learning curves part" lol my mistake haha
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    No OTTAWA Charter Question...

    Yeh that question in my mind was boarderline because, i was thinking of initiatives the government did to help people therefore with reference to the ottawa charter in my answer. Come to think of it i may do alright. Because (i cant quite remember it) it wasnt specific in a way... with what you...
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    No OTTAWA Charter Question...

    haha i was trying to scare yas all... But no really i did answer the question with reference to the ottawa charter :/ i already found out that i answered it sorta wrong from my teacher. But its ok because i made reference to the communities and individuals and government initiatives to help...
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    Multiple CHoice answers

    Emybemy i love u ... thats basically what i got! :D
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    adult athletes

    I WROTE DRUGS FOR ADULTS ... i remembered to write that!!!! :D, yeh i found that questions easy, just that adults take more time to recover from injuries. Need aqdeqate warm up ... ahhh yeh stuff to that degree!
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    Hard multiple choice questions ?

    That part was the hardest section for me... everything else was relatively easy! just multiguess is my problem!
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    rate of skill acquisition????????

    i did what holl did, i didnt talk about learning curves at all SHIT fucking hell! i thought i killed that question! I talked mainly about heritary and ability to learn stuff n shit. Thats right... but i forgot to mention learning curves bugga! oh well only 10 / 15 hopefully
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    No OTTAWA Charter Question...

    Yeh there was an OTTAWA CHARTER QUESTION!!!!!!! the 15mark 1 was one is disguise :D.... it was on cancer it seems u all made a big mistake muhahaha more marks for me! u had to talk about government initiatives relating it to the ottawa charter (u could if u wanted)!!!! :D
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    sports medicine

    i didnt find it hard. I wrote up my response b4 and the server crashed so i cant write you it out again haha :'(... anyways it was easy if u know your hot and cold packs :D
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    Improving performance Question.. - Question 26

    Yes it was hard BUT I WROTE EVERYTHING HAHAH I AM FKN LUCKY, i wrote Isokinetic, isotonic - eccentric / concentric, isometric, and then Plyometrics and crap... my teacher said i wrote everything for the question correctly.... and part a) i did the BEEP test ;) i rekon everyone did that ... few...
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    so generally, how did you go?

    yeh i found them hard 2
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    so generally, how did you go?

    Agreed on that. I thought i was writing too much on 1 thing tho :/ i could have easily written 3-4 pages on that 15mark question haha ... i write like size 6 font too :D
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    so generally, how did you go?

    Not tooo shabby that exam, i found i knew pretty much everything cept that shithouse multi-choice. I found like the 15mark questions n crap fair eazy, it wasnt too bad depending on how strictly how the mark it :/. i rekon that exam was the best exam compared to the 2001 and 2002 exams! :D hope i...
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    health promortion initiatives?

    Government Responses : Breast Screen NSW, Safe Waters, Exercise regularly. Community Responses : Youth suicide, Heart Foundation That what u after?
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    Predicting Questions

    i'm, with chris... i suggest u study a tad more on the 2001 paper! AND I PRAY TO GOD WE DONT HAVE TO ANSWER 15mark questions coz what happens if u forget the answer LOL
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    Improving Performance ... checklist...

    Yeh yeh i saw that... I read a question just then on the Use of Technology, from the 2001 HSC paper. Thats just mainly video analysis and results on performance to help with skill development. Can anyone give me a quick answer for this question... coz i got stuck on it! "Outline...