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  1. Terran.Sniper


    if u get 108/120 then u just get into BAND 6 but wats the big deal with the paper its not like anybodies going to see just ur name theres hundreds STOP STRESSING ':mad' IT AINT GOOD FOR U.....
  2. Terran.Sniper

    Poll Results (Nov 2)

    bored...zzzzz im stuck @ school but id be ok i think but i need to study more :)...
  3. Terran.Sniper


    bored....zzzzzzz answering ur own questions nice one
  4. Terran.Sniper

    Animated Avatars

    GIfs keep on trying different pix it could just be the one ur choosing that is wrong
  5. Terran.Sniper

    Biology overrrrrrrrrrr

    YR11 Hopefully the test will be better next yr 2003 they have changed the sylibus again but put less stuff in it :) hope that will help GOOD LUCK if u have anymore exams :?
  6. Terran.Sniper

    Who loves their Business Studies teacher?

    teacher my teachers pretty cool but got another yr left of Business good luck 4 the ones taking the HSC what major case studies did u do 'Jambaroo' our teacher said quote "jambaroo is a boring shit hole" so where doing Perisher Blue anybody else do that.
  7. Terran.Sniper

    Sleeeeeeppp ..zzzzzz...z....z......z...

    im sleeeeeeepy...zzzzzzzz.. u should write more u'll get much better wonder if anybody will write a book about this yrs HSC what u reakon