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  1. J

    2015 UMAT tutoring (hills district and surrounding areas)

    Hi, I am offering UMAT tutoring to students in year 11 my stats: for 2013 umat S1: 61 S2: 59 S3: 74 overall 95%tile i have just finished my first round of UMAT students and am looking for some fresh students that are keen to get into medicine/optometry/dentistry. i have an extensive...
  2. J

    ATAR esitmation please!!

    english Advanced - 74/139 physics - 12/ 74 chemistry - 24 / 80 biology - 7/ 50 maths ext 1 - 40/120 maths ext 2 - 48/56 school is ranked around top 30ish aiming for 99+ what do i need to focus on? if possible can i...