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    What'd everyone think??

    yeh it was ok.......didnt like the individuals and work one though.....parentin and caring was gud......wen they asked for three groups though....lol i was a bit shocked....lol....multiple choice were easy! short answers were a bit suss lol.....glad its over though!!!
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    that exam was a waste of time lol.....like it was ok but the essay question were really easy and there was hardly anything on temperature and all that other stuff we had to learn.....i was expecting a harder question for food and bev but um yeh......lol....ah well.....not complaining :P al
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    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    i thought it was pretty easy.....we were told in school that we had to have 2 related texts for image and institution so i was smilin wen i saw we onli had to do one :) i aint gud a poetry so yeh.....that was the onli question that i wasnt exactly motivated about lol alicat
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    food and bev notes

    hey guys, does anyone no where i can get food and bev notes by any chance.... i cant find any anywhere....its all commercial cookery! thanks peace out