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    "Lebo Thugs" Youtube Video

    http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/gang-thug-video-sickening/2007/01/24/1169518746379.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPBV3hwxTVY What the fuck? Wat a joke, as comments on youtube said, they'd look beter in Long Bay
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    Ashes to Ashes

    I can't believe I will never see Warney or McGrath in tests again. I'm shattered, Devoed. I'm going to sink piss and cry.
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    Ashes to Ashes

    Agreed. He's a class bowler. Can swing it, has decent pace. I rate him. It's unfortunate that his only real chance last year was on the road that is Perth. I reckon in swing friendly conditions especially (like England, Brisbane, New Zealand) he will love it.
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    Ashes to Ashes

    Umm no. Hussey is a very good player. The has the 2nd highest average of all time (after playing 20 innings which is what is required to be on the lists). Are you aware how many matches Graeme Pollock played? And he is considered an all time great. Hussey's average just keeps getting better as...
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    Ashes to Ashes

    Does any1 else reckon Ian Bell is waaayyyy overrated? I mean yeah sure he's scored 3 half centuries. But not in the pressure innings. Where was he when England needed to bat well last day in Adelaide? Or when England had their best chance to put Australia on the backfoot and get a lead in 1st...
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    Ashes to Ashes

    Checklist: Case of Beer 2 steaks Mexican hat Zinc Sunscreen Heading off to an Ashes bbq. Have a good day every1 and CARN AUSSIE!!! Get Rowdy Australia And oi, I'm pretty sure it starts at 10am Brissie time. Channel 9 has coveraging starting 1030 Sydney time, so usual 11am start seems...
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    Al Jazeera not in Australia :(

    Maybe not in Qatar (I've never been, have you?) but in various other countries around the world which I've been to (including Middle-Eastern ones) they do precisely this. It's not always 'crikey', it may be 'gday' or just simply 'kangaroo'. But they associate a word or phrase with Australia. I...
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    Al Jazeera not in Australia :(

    Psshhht. Semantics
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    Al Jazeera not in Australia :(

    Haha yeah. Coz Optus having Al-habib tv and Foxtel not allowing it really will influence my decision. The fact that Foxtel's sport shits on Optus' means nothing. I agree with your first post mate. What's the big deal. Foxtel doesn't have to show whatever it doesn't wanna.
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    post up your itunes top 25

    1. Pendulum and Freestylers - Fasten your Seatbelts (84) 2. Mason - Exceeder (78) 3. Cut Chemist - Storm (72) 4. Krafty Kuts - Bass Phenomenon (71) 5. Pendulum - Tarantula (67) 6. Midnight Juggernauts - 45 and rising (67) 7. The Tongue - Bad Education (65) 8. Stanton Warriors - Get Em...
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    The Official Cricket Thread 2006/2007

    This incident is bullshit. Calling Australians 'uncivlised'. Umm ok, sounds really mature mate. The point was, the ceremony had gone on for ages, and the guy who was doing it had concluded the ceremony, fireworks were going off, and yet Australia hadn't even been given the trophy. I mean...
  12. O

    US Congressional elections - Democrats or Republicans

    As President, he is head of government. One extremely important power he has is he can veto any legislation that passes through Congress. The veto can be overturned if a 2-3 thirds majority is reached in each House. This first occured during Bush's presidency a few months ago when he vetoed a...
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    Trance v House

    Well I prefer Drum n Bass, Breaks, Electro, Big Beat over either of them...but House smashes Trance too.
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    ICC Champions Trophy

    Methinks Australia. West Indies look good, but Australia have hit form, and let's be realistic, last time they beat us we lost, we had it in the bag. I wouldn't expect that again. I can't see the toss having much of an impact, both teams have showed they can chase and defend totals in India...
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    TV Rock suck donkey balls

    I was spewin at that too. Fuckn rigged. Presets and Sneaky were up for that award. Fuck off TV Rock. If it were me tho, Midnight Juggernauts 'shadows' woulda got it. Random floating things in videos are awesome + insanely awesome song.
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    Flag Burners

    Agree with bshoc, Burning the flag should be punishable more severely. There are other forms of protest other than bruning something which many have died for. However, the response to the kid who did it holding the flag on Anzac Day have been disgraceful. People saying they would chuck shit...
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    New Year's Eve

    Oh no you gotta stay in this city? Sydney is best place in world to spend New Years, NYC is pretty good to...just soo fucking cold and too many Americans (gotta be expected I guess). Prague is also good. But fuck oath Im goin Basement Jaxx. Backing up at field day next day then gettin pissed...
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    Favourite 80s Music?

    AC/DC - Shook Me All Night Long Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn
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    The Best R&B/Rap/Hip-Hop for 2006

    One of the best Hip Hop tracks of the year, from Sydney MC 'The Tongue' called Bad Education. Heard it on triple J and FBi quite often. You can download the song here for free, and its fucking good. http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/listen/mp3s.htm 'I love our generation and the way that we...
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    ICC Champions Trophy

    Hey mate, thanks for that and good analysis. NZ for the sleepers of the tourno. Here's to hoping that number 9 for Australia breaks a bone in his hand or foot and is out til after World Cup.