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    Multiple Choice Survey !!

    Hi! I have provided a link for my design and tech survey and there are only 7 multiple choice questions which will take around 5 minutes of your time! I would really appreciate your responses! surveys !! :haha...
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    How much time should I put into studying for 3u?

    What is your recommended time to study for 3u and what are some of your study tips for maths? I hear people say do past papers but I feel like it hasn't helped me much. Maybe i'm just not doing enough? I usually put in around 1-2 hrs to study 3u and 2u altogether and I only do that 3-4 times...
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    Learning prelim course

    Just wondering if it is important to know your prelim content for maths before entering year 12 cus I f*ed up all my exams and didn't bother to relearn them. Thanks owo
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    Any advices for 2019 DT students?

    I don't know what to do for my DT MDP and everyone in my class has already started. I also find DT a very hard subject to feel motivated and the scaling for this subject is just BAD. Are there any advices out there as to how to cope with this subject? could be any advices related to MDP. I would...