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    Which Engineering!!!!

    i cant seem to decide which engineering degree to do... im interested in civil, electrical, mechatronics, mechanical and mining.. some people say elec and mechatronics contain a lot of difficult maths.. and i struggled a bit with 3u maths (only got 24/50) and got my assesment mark for 2u maths...
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    ive got into B Engineering at Newcaslte Uni... just wondering about the difficulty of the courses.. i struggled a bit with 3u maths.. (only got 24/25 haha) and was just wondering if doing engineering will kill me. i think i want to do mechatronics or possibly civil if that makes any difference...
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    sucess one out of date???

    hey, i have a physics sucess one book with papers from 2001-2003... i am wondering if it is too out of date to bother with or if it will still be relelvant enough
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    trig function questions

    1) Simplify in terms of the indicated angle: 1-2sin^2 3A; in terms of 6A 2) Simplify: cosA(cos4A+2sin^2 2A) 3) Prove: (cos@+sin@)/(cos@-sin@) = sec2@+tan2@ 4) Write down expressions for tan3@ and cos3@ in terms of the angle @. (argh what kind of question i sthis??? :S) 5) Evaluate the...
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    civil/electrical engineering?

    someone told me the first year or engineering is like 4u maths... is that true or?... what kind of studies does the engineering course include... i am thinking of doing civil or electrical (power)... not sure if i will like it though but cant think of anything i would rather do... any insight...
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    Lost My Prac Book!!!

    does anyone know where i can find all the practicals for the course??? i have lost my book and the rest of the class have incomplete books... i have also lost my physics one... kind of freaking out right now... any help would be muchly appreciated. thanks.
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    Am I Screwed?!?!

    if i completely screw my trials is it still possiple to get 90 uai?
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    how many related texts do we need?

    Im confused as to how many related texts we are supposed to gather and analyse :S... english is sooo confusing.
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    HELP!!! Inner Journey in American Beauty

    i cant work out the techniques used to convey inner journeys in the film "American Beauty" i need to know how the ideas are conveyed stylistically.... ive got no idea...
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    Relational database assignment

    here is the question bit... Create a relational database, minimum 3 tables with 2 sample reports. Produce a detailed document describing the processes carried out during the production of this database. You would be expected to have a schema defining your entities, attributes and relationships...
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    please help, parametric parabola question

    this question is making me so mad find the equation of the chord joining the points t = 3 and t = -1/3 on the parabola x^2 = 4ay thanks
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    roots and co-efficients of polynomial equations

    have a couple of questions.... *Solve the equation x^3 - 14x^2 + 56x - 64 = 0 if the roots are in geometric progression. *Given that the equation x^3 - 7x^2 + 16x + k = 0 has two equal and integral roots find the value of k.
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    short biographies or novles relating to inner journey

    is there any particularly good biographies, preferably short ones or any good short novels that relate well to inner journey?
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    inner journey in "tomorrow when the war began"

    am not sure which would be the best character to focus on, or even if this is a good enough related text.... any ideas? thanks
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    Circle Geometry Question....Making me go crazy

    Two circles intersect in A and B and the 2 tangents at A are perpendicular. Are the two tangents at B also perpendicular? Give proof.
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    integration question

    got no idea!!!...... show that (x+7)/(x-1) can be written as 1 + [8/(x-1)] and hence show that then integral from 2 to (e+1) of (x+7)/(x-1) = (e+7) thanks.
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    objective thing??

    is this an ok objective thing for the requirement report? Objectives To enable relatively computer illiterate users to keep their computers running to their full potential by creating a set of easy to follow tutorials and making them easily accessible by publishing them in a director...
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    Are Excel Books any good?

    i bought all the study in a month books for my subjects and my tutor then told me that they are pretty useless as they dont fully cover the syllabus with the correct amount of detail for certain areas. i also have a few of the study guides. am wondering if i should attempt to take the SIAM...
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    multimedia assignment

    i have to do a multimendia assignment and woudl liek to make tutorials.... any ideas for decent things to make tutorials on?? i was thinking maybe things like photoshop, outlook, etc. thanks
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    locus question

    sketch the graph x=y^2 marking its focus on the graph. i am sure this is easy but i cant work out how to find the focus. thanks.