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  1. EarthSci34

    Question about Scholarships

    Hey guys, I just got an unconditional offer for both the Sydney Scholars Award and the E12 Access Scheme. I was wondering if I could defer my Sydney Scholars Award scholarship so that I can accept my E12 one?
  2. EarthSci34

    Speech Pathology

    Hello University Section of BOS, This is quite exciting, as it is my first time to post in this thread! :D I've wanted to do Speech Pathology since Year 10 and I've always been interested in helping people gain confidence with their speaking. Anyway, I was just wondering what it was...
  3. EarthSci34

    Help with the Reflection Statement

    Hello BoS, Finishing up the English Extension II course is an exciting thing-- I've finished a year's worth of hard work in the form of my major work and I'm quite proud of myself (although I will still continue to edit it based on feedback by my teachers, peers, etc.). One extremely...
  4. EarthSci34

    Dropping down to ten units?

    Hello Bored of Studies. I've started a thread to see opinions of whether dropping down to 10 units would be advisable? I am thinking of dropping Biology- I like the content and I find everything interesting, but the class I attend demotivates me to the point of not wanting to study the...
  5. EarthSci34

    Minimum mark to state rank in English Extension I?

    Hello Bored of Studies :) I'm just interested to know what marks are required to state rank in EX1? Because I saw one of the posts here from BoS graduating in 2014 with 49/50 for English Extension I without a state rank? As well as someone having 50/50 but only being 3rd in state? I'm...
  6. EarthSci34

    English Advanced Tutor Parramatta

    Hello tutors of BoS I am seeking a tutor for English Advanced willing to meet-up at Parramatta Library once a fortnight.Please PM me if you'd like to discuss the arrangements or rates :) Thank you! :D Warm regards.
  7. EarthSci34

    Who does ATAR Estimates?

    Greetings BoS people! I am posting on this thread to see whether who offers to 'estimate' my ATAR. I have heard that it's still too early, but I would really like to hear the popular opinions on this site! I have asked for the very esteemed opinion of Queenroot, but would also like other's...
  8. EarthSci34

    HSC Extension 2 Mentor

    Greetings Bored of Studies tutors! I am looking for an Extension English Two mentor/ tutor who will be willing to work with me for the remaining of Year 12. The tutoring I would like is probably more assistive and feedback driven rather than the conventional 'help me 24/7' type of thing...