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  1. girlworld_club

    Looking for Lecture slides USYD PHSI2006

    from last year or years previous. will pay :) need to prep ahead. message me or comment below.
  2. girlworld_club

    Looking to buy Esl essays or direct me

    To where I can get them for free. Cheers
  3. girlworld_club

    When is the last day you can re-enrol in usyd?

    I'm going on holidays again, and have just come back from them. Haven't had much time. When is the last day i can re-enrol in usyd (first to second year). Also if i just pick dummy subjects to re-enrol will it show up on any documents, transcripts. etc.
  4. girlworld_club

    How to solve x*e^2x=4

    solving for x. I'm having a brain freeze with this question.
  5. girlworld_club

    Are course echoes i.e lecture recordings ever removed?

    don't think so, but curious to know?
  6. girlworld_club

    looking for an elective in the faculty of science

    I was looking for an elective in the faculty of science in semester 2- (mostly something that was more breezy as my other units are quite heavy and it would be nice to have a "down time" subject). The courses available for me to do are: BIOL1002 Living Systems GEOS1002 Introductory...
  7. girlworld_club

    Human biology vs concepts in biology?

    In terms of workload, ease and interest.
  8. girlworld_club

    Question about subjects

    I know this seems like a stupid question, however i'm asking it anyway. For example, for chemistry there are different classes to enrol in. Why would someone do Chemistry **** (Advanced or specialist studies), when they can do a much easier chemistry and get higher marks. Is there some form of...
  9. girlworld_club

    Calculation question

    http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/hsc_exams/hsc2012exams/pdf_doc/2012-hsc-exam-chemistry.pdf how do you do the last multiple choice question. I approached it in two methods, and got it right on one account (by selecting the nearest answer) and wrong on another account. What is the...
  10. girlworld_club

    hsc help? cafs last minute.

    what are you supposed to talk about when asked why a specific group is a unique entity? are you just supposed to just talk about how their needs are different from others, or trends, or characteristics of the groups? I remember for trials i wrote rural families are a unique entity, because...
  11. girlworld_club

    How to find the maximum velocity or accelreation?

    E.g v = v = 6t^2 + 3t -2 or a = v = 6t^2 + 3t -2 i know for velocity and acceleration, it is the derivitive equal to zero. but how do we prove that these points are a maximum? do we differentiate again, after already differentiating and sub values of t in? ++ Another...
  12. girlworld_club

    questions about displacement, velocity and acceleration curves

    there is no actual explanation in textbooks. However there is always at least one question on this. First of all if you are given a displacement curve: where is acceleration zero? where is velocity greatest? where is velocity lowest? when is acceleration greatest? and if you are given an...
  13. girlworld_club

    does anyone have acces to biology in focus for communication!

    please pm me. thank you so much in advance.
  14. girlworld_club

    can someone explain this working out for finding distance travelled.

    here is the link: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2mmdzqo&s=5#.Uj-xRH-RtTw particularly method two, not so much method one.
  15. girlworld_club

    does increasing the concentration of HCl increase ph?

    i was just thinking this in term of water, say i had 100ml then added another 1000ml then the ph would still be neutral. However, according to the formula ph should change. can someone clear this up. thanks
  16. girlworld_club

    Atar estimate

    school rank 200 chemistry 1/14 bio 2/30 cafs 1/29 english standard 1/80 maths 12/28
  17. girlworld_club

    Cafs textbook. Really important, urgent!

    I use pearson however the information is not sufficient. Does anyone have another textbook, please, please message me. HSC is so soon.
  18. girlworld_club

    trigonometry and triangle questions.

    I am having trouble answer the following questions: if anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated. http://i41.tinypic.com/24zk3ew.png (Q14 only) http://i41.tinypic.com/2d2bu40.png (question 12) the book has answers, but no worked solutions. If anyone wants to revise by...
  19. girlworld_club

    finding the maximum and minimum of trigonometry curves.

    i am having trouble with this concept in general because instead of differentiating to find dy/dx then equating to zero (then solving normally), the answer in the book draw the graph instead and look on the max and min points on there. Why do they do this? i.e this question. between 5am...