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    War pensioner knocks down would-be thief

    War pensioner knocks down would-be thief | Herald Sun
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    Accessing external harddrive

    Ey guys, long story short but i had to format my computer - but thankfully made a back up like 1 month before i had to format...but unfortunatly it seems as if ive lost my power adapter and cords for the external harddrive and cant seem to find a replacement. do u guys rekon there are stores out...
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    Boolean algebra question

    Ey guys, having abit of trouble with a question as was wondering if any1 could give me the answer to it plus the working out. The question is: Use the axioms (a)-(j) and the properties (k)-(u) to prove that in every Boolean algebra /(x+y/z) = /x/y/z + /x/yz + /xyz [where the slash infront of a...
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    The Parthenon Marbles

    Hey guys, just wondering what your opinions are on the Elgin/Parthenon marbles and whether they should be returned to Greece. Here is a little light reading stolen from the web about it if you dont know about it: The Elgin Marbles are a collection of classical Greek marble sculptures that...
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    Anime Website

    Hey guys, im a fan of naruto, avatar, bleach and heaps of other animes and stuff. But recently, ive noticed that they have started to run heaps of repeats and stuff on both foxtel and normal TV. So i thought i would provide u guys with a link to this anime site which has a huge supply of anime...
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    Time of work for study

    Hey guys, I need some time off work for study for the mid year exams. U rekon i should tell my shift manager that i wont be accepting shifts for about a month for study on the phone or in person, or should i write her a letter tell her i need the time off. BTW ima casual at coles Any opinions.