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  1. melsc

    What's your skin care routine?

    I was wondering what you guys do to take care of your face/skin? I do a few things but have never bothered with the steps. What products do you use and why? I've been a but slack with it especially because my skin is clearer now I am older and on the pill. I hear moisterising is good for keeping...
  2. melsc

    PLT program at UOW

    I've applied to undertake my PLT concurrently at UOW...does anyone know i the program fills up quickly? I applied rather close to the cutoff and I am worried I wont get a place
  3. melsc

    The new cruiser range

    What do people think of the new crusier range? I like the idea of premixes that aren't as sweet as normal chick drinks. I havent tried any of them yet but I bought the cider for NYE and am curious abt the passionfruit beer esp as all the premixes I like are impossible to find or go off the...
  4. melsc

    Graduate Positions 2011

    Hey guys, For all of those who didn't get a clerkship (and those who got one and don't intend taking a graduate offer from them) I thought it would be a good idea to start discussing who takes law grads and compile dates and places who are having a 2011 intake. I know its early, I am...
  5. melsc

    Units 2010

    What units are people looking at enroling in? I am done with my cores so I am looking at: Semester 1 *LAW511 - Advanced Research Project *LAW429 - Information Technology Law *LAW416 - European Union Law Semester 2 *LAW421 - Foundations of Commercial Law *LAW522 - Advanced Torts...
  6. melsc

    Lactose-free, light soy and organic milks trialing in MQ coffee shops!

    Hey guys, Just thought I would pass this on, especially for those who are lactose-intollerant and can't drink soy... Macquarie University U@MQ Campus Life - Food & Drink I had a lactose-free mocha, so nice to have one that wont make me feel sick!
  7. melsc

    Best of Luck for Your Legal Studies Exam + Tips

    Best of luck for the Legal Studies exam on on the 4th November 2009. Here is a few tips that I have picked up along the way: Disclaimer: these are things that I found help me, adopt these as you see fit. This is not advice but merely observations from my experiences during the HSC and uni...
  8. melsc

    Best Sangria Recipies

    Hey guys, I want to make Sangria for a party but I've never done it before. I've googled but there are so many nice sounding ones I don't know what to pick. Can anyone suggest a recipe they have used or tried?
  9. melsc

    FM transmitters

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know of a decent FM transmitter that also charges. Must be compatible with iphone 3g? I currently have a cheap one thats ok but its old and I am scared to plug my iphone 3g into it to charge as I have heard that older devices can fry your iphone. I don't want...
  10. melsc

    Soy Milk, which tastes best?

    Hi guys, I am lactose intollerant (can handle a little milk in tea and the occasional hot chocolate but usually regret it) and while I love Pauls Zymil Lactose Free Cows milk, I am trying to get myself accustomed to Soy Milk as its easier to get especially when out. Can anyone suggest a...
  11. melsc

    Uploading Resources

    Hey guys I just uploaded the pending resources. Try not to upload them as word 2007 (docx) files as some people will not be able to read them. Save them as word 2003 files or something more compatible. Good luck guys Mel
  12. melsc

    Health Law

    Hey guys, I have just started studying health law and have found it quite interesting...what kind of career opportunities exist for health law and does anyone know of any firms that work in health law?
  13. melsc

    Timetables 2009

    Hey guys estudent is now open for class registration... What's your 2009 Timetable? Sem 1 Monday 9-11 - LAW521 - Lecture 11-1 LAW521 - Tutorial Tuesday 9-11 - LAW405 - Lecture 11-1 - LAW405 - Tute 6-8 - LAW438 -Tute Sem 2 Tuesday 12 - 2 - LAW415 - Lecture 2 - 4 - LAW500...
  14. melsc

    Do they show your major on your degree?

    Hey guys, I just got my graduation letter and it says: B Arts... is it supposed to say B Arts (Sociology)? How do I get them to change this?
  15. melsc

    Official UWS Student List 2009

  16. melsc

    Best gradual fake tan

    Hey guys, Can anyone suggest a good gradual fake tan? I have the johnson and johnson one but it doesn't smell that nice. I am very pale so I only want a light colour as I dont want to look orange
  17. melsc

    Advice on laptop

    Hey guys, I have narrowed down the laptop I want to two Sony Vaio models but I am not sure which one will be better in the long run. http://www.sony.com.au/vaio/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=30411 13.3" VAIO YOUNG BUSINESS COLOUR PC VGNSR16GNP This one is a newer model, aprox 500g...
  18. melsc

    Paralegal Interview at BD

    Hey guys, Any tips for an interview at BD? I've had lots of interviews for paralegal jobs but only at small firms. I'm a bit worried, how do I explain away my crappy last semester where I got 2 Ps? I hope its not a disaster, I manily have a credit av with the odd D or HD and less than a...
  19. melsc

    Printing off academic transcripts of estudent

    Hi guys, Does anyone know how to print off an entire academic transcript off estudent? When I try it gives me only half of last year and then the beginning of this year. I need it for a job interview and they don't require an official one but it wont let me print off last semester...does...
  20. melsc

    Screen goes blank while working on things - Sony Vaio

    Hey guys got a question for all those with some knowledge about hardware. When I am working on my Sony Vaio (VGN-FJ78GP) all of a sudden the screen goes black, white or blue and the only way I can get the display back I need to restart the laptop manually. I am not sure if this is a monitor...